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4.9 /5
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Jul 19,2020
It was an easy process and the company has been around for many years and has a stable history.
Freda Wheatcraft
Jun 07,2021
Communication Consultation was EXCELLENT
Fermin Rene Camarillo
Dec 02,2020
Wonderful went splendid I loved everything ❤️❤️
Debra Smartt
Sep 29,2020
Very pleased to deal with these people... no harassing, very polite and easy to speak with!
Donna Watson
Sep 08,2020
very easy didn't take too much time. Great experience
Donna Lathon
Jul 03,2020
Very Polite, Efficient, Knowledgeable and very helpful Thank You. Mike Stanley
Mary Stanley
Apr 14,2020
The agent Nikki Walker provided me with excellent service. She listened and understood my need to obtain inexpensive whole life coverage for my father. The only reason I am not rating the company a five-star is because when I received my confirmation coverage letter, it had the wrong information on it. I believe that was done by one of her associates not the agent herself. When it comes to transactions involving a credit card number, it is really important that anticipated charges are accurately reflected. Nikki was very apologetic for it and I appreciate her. I would definitely recommend her to others.Rita Wells Gorder
Harvey Wells
Apr 09,2020
Very good. Application process was very simple
Manu Bhai Patel
Feb 19,2020
Cheryl was great and very explanatory
Gerald Lavery
Nov 17,2019
Excellent experience
Loueyee Elbusefi
Nov 13,2019
AIG is a great life company.
Ying Lee
Jul 10,2019
The process was very quick an easy. The agents at True Blue are great. They were very responsive and helped explain the options and process.
Fabiana Rodriguez-Irizarry
Jun 25,2019
Jennifer Plisch was great to work with and the price quoted to me at the time I applied was accurate and the price was actually a little lower when the policy was approved.
Yong Suk
Jun 25,2019
The process was easy and my agent Jennifer Plisch was in contact with me every step of the way. The experience with AIG was smooth and they answered all my questions.
Stephen (Steve) Cales
May 06,2019
Great Service. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Would definitely recommend them.
Robert Finucci
Mar 29,2019
Easy and Fast
Thomas Niedermayer
Mar 27,2019
The process was quick and easy.
Karen Hoff
Feb 04,2019
Great experience . We obtain the policy quickly and received everything in the mail two weeks later
Manita Ferdinand
Jan 09,2019
Fantasticand excellent company
Siarhei Ihnatovich
Dec 30,2018
perfect will use again five stars
Josephine Azzopardi
Nov 07,2018
So far it’s been good. New customer here so we will see as it progresses but it’s been a good experience so far.
Rodolfo Escubio
Oct 13,2018
Ken was great to work with! Super responsive quick with answering any and all questions. Highly recommend!!
Joey Rothstein
Oct 12,2018
Fast and accurate. The quote was fair and the processing fast.
(Michael) Ludmila Minot
Aug 24,2018
Very fast turnaround.
Debra Fowler
Aug 20,2018
Very quick and thorough response .
Kenneth Hunter
Aug 17,2018
See note above about policy delivery time. Otherwise fine.
William Carroll
Jul 28,2018
Amazing customer service and fast
Lydia Cisneros
Jun 22,2018
Fast processing-simple questions and screening the application is faster than expexted
Sonia Chavarria
May 18,2018
Great! Fast and easy process. Put my mind at ease.
Jimmy Wilson
Mar 19,2018
Quick to respond with email.
Shannon & Liz Hyde
Nov 24,2017
Service was great and expedient. thanks Jen with /tru blu
Ralph Dupuy
Nov 05,2017
I really like AIG so far. They’ve all been very nice and accommodating.
Audra Holsworth
Nov 02,2017
So far so good. No complaints
Sheila Young
Sep 14,2017
Awesome Service! Thanks Cheryl Schlenkert!!!
Dawn Sevigny
Feb 01,2017
Well, I haven't filed a claim yet so I'm not sure. That being said, their paperwork was well understood and I'm glad they offered the unique product I needed at the correct time.
Cindy Jones
Aug 01,2012
Very pleasant and easy overall.
Brian Volbert
Mar 04,2012
Excellent experience. Would recommend to a friend.
Jeremiah Holthus
Feb 27,2012
Very positive during purchase of a term life insurance policy
Leslie Kelly
Feb 23,2012
Nice to work with- case manager communicated well- I received updates of changes- I felt overall staff was on top of it
Brittney Petersen
Nov 28,2011
my experience was very pleasant
Holly Badman
Oct 18,2011
Overall experience was good. Got a good policy @ a price lower than expected. The policy forms that were sent were a little confusing; for example, two different forms to authorize bank drafts. I called and was told to just fill one out. Then when the activation/payment forms came, my bank draft was set up, but my wife's was not.
Kevin Spinti
Sep 26,2011
Very Good products, excellent customer service, fast processing time, thanks.
Robert Mower
Sep 11,2011
Communication has been excellent thus far.
Janet Cooper
Sep 07,2011
My experience with American General in many ways feels limited. I worked with efinancial throughout the application process, and things seemed very seemless.
Phillip Korenman
Jul 29,2011
BEST PRICES! I got the healthiest rating. Beat out my other insurance company by far.
Jefferson Kim
Jul 13,2011
My experience with American General Life insurance was good. Everyone that I dealt with were professional and efficient.
Henry Armstrong
Jun 07,2011
My experience so far is only with the application process. However that went very smoothly and was handled well.
michael miller
Mar 17,2021
Amazing service hands down. Definitely my home for insurance needs! Continued customer
Michael Roach
Mar 07,2021
Excellent service and communication!
Roger Chen
Jan 18,2021
An easy and thorough process!
Candace Frank
May 14,2020
Quick. Fast. User friendly website.
Suzanna Mendoza
Apr 14,2020
Awesome experience during my insurance application process
Venkatesh Venkatasamy
Mar 05,2020
I like how detailed and prompt everyone is...Thank you glad l joined this team of workers
Antonia Glascoe
Feb 24,2020
5 stars, excellent service very quick process.
Rita West
Oct 28,2019
The process went smoothly once Jennifer was assigned as my agent.
Roger Chen
Oct 19,2019
Nikki was excellent. The process the underwriters put you through is not good.That being said I did get the coverage I wanted at the rate I wanted but it took about 3 months.
Steven Lyons
Jul 23,2019
It was not hard at all
Robert Wilson
Jun 18,2019
I give her a 5 star she is great!!
Terri Hubbard
Apr 01,2019
It was easy, and very fast.
Marites Drury
Mar 20,2019
Very nice very helpful
Michael Nilson
Mar 15,2019
Easy application! Thank you
Jonathan St Amour
Mar 10,2019
Everything seemed to go as it should. There was some extra information we needed to verify But it was done in a timely manner.
James Langhoff
Feb 27,2019
very good service!highly recommended!
Ruiming Liang
Feb 12,2019
great experiences so far
Jinling Huang
Feb 05,2019
Top notch professional!!! I would recommend this company!! They emailed, texted, and call me to make sure I was in the loop of what’s was going on
Jamerial (Jacqui) Goss
Dec 17,2018
I received a great quote much lower than competitors and without an exam which is impressive!
Chris Oberloh
Nov 18,2018
This is our first time dealing with ANICO. Pleased so far. More coverage and benefits for less money than our previous policies we had with a competitor.
Amanda Hamblett
Nov 16,2018
We are satisfied with the policies and amount of coverage per dollar we are receiving. As this is our first dealing with them, we will have to wait and see what the future holds as to whether the company itself is deserving of continued 5 star rating.
Jack Hamblett Iii
Nov 12,2018
Very happy and impressed with personnel
Mateen Wahidi
Nov 07,2018
Reasonably priced. Documents arrived in a timely manner. Policy was easy to follow.
John Renner
Oct 30,2018
It was a good experience
Phillip Lynch
Oct 18,2018
Great experience , love it
Kierra Williams
Oct 17,2018
really great service
Edward (Stacey) Gardiner
Oct 14,2018
Thus far seems like a great company.
Trevor Cannon
Oct 07,2018
So far it has been excellent
Suzanne Ryan
Oct 05,2018
Very good experience
Nancy Pace
Oct 04,2018
Very happy with the overall experience.
Pat Patry
Sep 14,2018
Very fast response. Great rates. Easy application process
Emily Rivenes
Sep 13,2018
American National Insurance Co. was very efficient in processing my application. They let me know what was needed and once I provided them with the information they moved quickly to process me. Great company!
Lessie Jackson
Sep 13,2018
Good experience... hassle free. Very pleased.
Buck Grainger
Sep 06,2018
My experience was excellent with American National Insurance Company. Absolutely no complaints . They worked to get us insured at the best rate possible and the process was hassle free and very quick . Thank you American National !
Morgan Davis
Sep 05,2018
Was a very good overall experience. I would definitely recommend them to someone else.
Kittiele Potts
Aug 29,2018
Very satisfied with the experience.
Charles Lykins
Aug 21,2018
Nikki did an excellent job. She was very patient with us and answered all of our questions.
Andrew Hayes
Aug 15,2018
Great service! It didn’t take long before I got a call with the information of what I needed to do to get my policy issued!! Getting a policy with you was super fast and painless with zero aggravation. I’m very satisfied with the service I received! Thank you!
Yesenia Selvaggio
Aug 15,2018
The company turned around our application in one day, which was very surprising because I was expecting to wait about a week.
Eiichi Nishino
Aug 14,2018
I would recommend to my close friends and family
Jacob Kuenster
Aug 07,2018
Appreciate the timely response.
Michael Rhodes
Aug 07,2018
Had a great experience. Highly recommend.
Thomas Ryan
Aug 07,2018
I would recommend this insurance company because I got exactly what I was looking for and the premiums were great also. The process was really quick and easy.
Holly Alewine
Jul 29,2018
It was great! Was wonderful doing business with!
George Kuchler
Jul 24,2018
Friendly, helpful and easy to communicate with agents.
Amanda Bienek
Jul 13,2018
I really like that the decision was quick, the whole process was easy and fast.
Agata Brantingham
Jul 12,2018
Very affordable, easy
Christopher Rorie
Jul 05,2018
So far I’ve been very satisfied with the process, and I’m happy to have my life insurance policy in place.
Nancy Harris
Jul 04,2018
I'm very satisfied with all of my policies.
Myles (and Michael) Brown
Jun 26,2018
5 Stars straight forward answers & affordable price
Yvette Palmer
Jun 12,2018
Easy process and agents were very easy to contact
Eleanor Luna
May 28,2018
Excellent service was great and follow up was
Jamar Lee
May 26,2018
Service was very prompt.
Shelia Ellis
May 01,2018
fast approval fair rates
David Shelton
Apr 20,2018
I am very satisfied thus far.
Tracy LaRusso
Apr 11,2018
The process was quick, convenient and easy.
Shaniska Needham
Apr 08,2018
Quotes were reasonable
Venus Edwards
Mar 19,2018
Fast processing and reasonable rates.
Gary Trucks
Mar 17,2018
Easy process application 30year term no medical test needed. Pretty good rate considering no medical exam. Very quick to accept the policy and make it active.
Joshua Cope
Mar 01,2018
So far I have no complaints. My policy was approved with minimal hassle, just a few questions about recent medical tests & treatments which I feel were reasonable questions. Their prices were cheaper than other insurance plans and their company is reputable so that's why I chose them. Why pay more? I haven't started my payment plan yet but I don't anticipate any problems.
Patricia Boyle
Feb 18,2018
Very happy with my experience.
Brian Meek
Feb 04,2018
They were prompt in the process and their price was what they promised. Hopefully I won't have to use the policy, and I sleep better now.
Gary Francis
Jan 31,2018
John Chalaye
Jan 28,2018
Great rates very professional so far good company.
Bradley Ridgley
Jan 26,2018
I like American national. Plenty good reviews of company
Gwendolyn Dick
Jan 24,2018
The company treated me with reaspect. The application process was efficient and simple.
Charles Kelly
Jan 23,2018
I am very pleased with my policy and the service so far received from American national insurance company.
Michelle Allen
Jan 10,2018
my overall experience was a 10.
Joseph Lenzi
Jan 09,2018
You all are the best.
Don Peeples
Dec 27,2017
Extremely helpful and positive experience overall
M. Joan Zimmerman
Dec 12,2017
good communication, all around good
Scott McAlpin
Dec 01,2017
Good rates compared to other providers.
Stephen Farrar
Nov 22,2017
Easy and responsive experience with nice agent. Explained well and delivered without any surprised.
Matthew Merliss
Oct 30,2017
Not aware of any interaction.
Melissa Farrar
Oct 13,2017
Very good! I’d highly recommend using True Blue.
Chantal Shaw
Sep 27,2017
Very affordable compared to others
Thomas Whiteman
Sep 27,2017
Good experience! Process was clear and easy to understand.
Allan Heaton
Sep 22,2017
I have had a very positive experience with American National .This company took the time to allow me to express and qualify my circumstances to move toward approval for life insurance.Thank you.
Marian Myers
Sep 19,2017
Overall Great Service
George Gorham
Aug 09,2017
Fast turnaround and great customer service.
Gary Gold
Jun 28,2017
The treatment Mr Young gave us was 100% to our satisfaction.
Paul Gustafson
Jun 21,2017
Best rates and quick response!!!
Thomas Wilczynski
Jun 12,2017
They were great. The paperwork came promptly.
Daniel Ledsome
Jun 01,2017
I would recommend them to all my friends.
Johnny Jernigan
May 11,2017
Great Experience, would recommend to other people
Valdor Ebert
Apr 22,2017
Excellent product. Quick turnaround. Got what I was promised.
Donald Livsey
Mar 02,2017
Excellent service and communication
Jeanne Roy
Feb 27,2017
Overall i was satisfied.
Ray Poydras
Dec 21,2016
Great company. Quick and easy to do, very satisfied with the whole process.
Cindy Luoma
Dec 16,2016
Easy process and I was kept informed every step of the way.
Brian Sens
Nov 21,2016
Good product, but feel it's a little misleading that it says No Exam, but the wait time is so long for approval.
Alisha Hansen
Nov 03,2016
This is an excellent company to deal with and the rates are better than all others out there.
Deanna Coronado-Jimenez
Oct 07,2016
Good. Had a few communication errors, but otherwise went well. Still waiting on policies which concerns me a bit.
Stephen Homer
Aug 30,2016
Prompt service and everything went very smooth.
Daniel Lawrence
Jun 13,2016
They provided a great rate and coverage for my life insurance needs.
Edward Trapp
May 23,2016
Very helpful and rates were competitive
Fredericka Branch
May 18,2016
Great coverage, great value, the whole process was rather easy and quick,friendly service.
Michelle Daily
May 09,2016
Same as above. no issues
Michelle Surette
Apr 25,2016
Very good service provided.
Michael Gonzalez
Apr 13,2016
Excellent Service has been provided
Yvette Palmer
Apr 11,2016
Quick response and helpful assistance
Rodney Sawyer
Mar 14,2016
Happy with overall experience
Mark Kessler
Mar 01,2016
American National provided a fast turn around on my policy.
Eric Kihl
Feb 19,2016
Everything was great.
Ashley Farris
Feb 15,2016
The materials provided are easy to understand.
Rebecca Spaulding
Feb 04,2016
My experience with American National was very good.
Derick Doebrick
Feb 04,2016
Very happy with the whole process
Kenneth Mutchler
Feb 02,2016
Did a good job. It was a little confusing because it was no medical exam required but when we got into the process the insurance company wanted one.
Steven Cuneo
Jan 18,2016
Quick, easy, concise.
Vanessa Bequis
Jan 14,2016
Too early to tell yet, I will reserve judgement
William Gallos
Dec 10,2015
very good, timely and professional
Jorge Nunez
Dec 09,2015
Our agent was highly professional and very courteous.
Abbe Sheradsky
Nov 17,2015
It has been pleasant up to the point of getting notification of approval. I was not notified I was approved nor was I notified when the premium would be deducted from my account. I was told I would get 24 to 48 hours notification and I received no notification
Dora Blevins
Nov 02,2015
Prompt approval and processing
David Smith
Sep 17,2015
Good rate and reasonable turnaround time. Docs forwarded quickly.
Antonio Madrid
Sep 10,2015
Mrs. Plisch has done an excellent job in responding to my questions.
Herbert Maduro
Sep 07,2015
Excellent value. Good service
Jeffrey Barber
Jan 22,2015
REPS were friendly and provided everything I needed.
Renetta Thomas
Aug 19,2014
Everything was good. Underwriter was very nice and process was good.
Susan Stohl
Jun 10,2014
It was a good experience.
Ramon Gallardo
Apr 03,2014
It took a few weeks, though it was a very good experience.
Karen Brown
Jun 17,2021
It was a very insightful and great experience.
Angel Moreira
Oct 12,2020
Very satisfied with my representative
Oral Robinson
Sep 01,2020
Very fast and better price than originally expected. I really appreciated my agent’s quick responses and continuous feedback throughout the process! Thanks Jen!
Aaron Stephens
Jul 02,2020
Overall good. Prompt response when returning my inquiries about insurance.
Karen Dickson
Apr 13,2020
Service was excellent and the process was smooth.
Christopher Blackwell
Apr 19,2019
very simple and professional
Jerome Alavanja
Mar 07,2019
The applying process was fast and simple.
Eric Lemos
Feb 12,2019
Professional, quick, efficient, responsive, open late, superb excellent work and customer satisfaction.
Pauline Figgs
Feb 07,2019
Excellent and affordable
Mihir Sangani
Dec 22,2018
Great service and rates
Shanaya John
Dec 10,2018
Overall satisfied.Will recommend.
Makan Monekata
Nov 09,2018
Good and pleased with service
Craig Unterborn
Sep 17,2018
Absolutely amazing service. Quick and easy. I got a great price for my policy and fast responses to all my questions. Go with American national and you won’t be disappointed.
Rohan Cumberbatch
Jul 14,2018
American National provided the policy that I needed, in the timeframe that I needed it. Very satisfied!
Katherine Greeno
Jun 07,2018
great, nothing to complain about
Martin Cochet
Apr 18,2018
So far so good. I haven’t had as much experience with them as in Cheryl.
Michael Crocker
Oct 31,2017
Very pleased so far, rates better than most
Monica Ballou
May 06,2016
It was an easy experience and did not incite a lot of trouble or frustration. I was pleased with how easy it was to purchase life insurance.
Mary Magnetico
Apr 22,2016
Great experience and I would recommend the company to family and friends
Richard Gattuso
Jul 27,2021
Jen was amazing and very Helpful Thank you !!!!
Julien Michel
Jun 10,2021
Very good. My questions were all ano
Jeffrey Ludwig
Mar 10,2021
Good rate, quick process.
Lori Richards
Feb 22,2021
Excellent. Very easy
Amy Adams See
Feb 05,2021
I had a good experience. Mrs Nikki was very professional and patient. This was a long time coming.
Donnashay Hamilton
Feb 03,2021
She very helpful to get my insurance policy And keep keeping connected with me until I get the insurance she did for me excellent and great experience with her Thanks one again!
Hassan Murtaza
Feb 01,2021
Very easy to apply .. excellent customer service!
Shelly Orlando
Jan 27,2021
Applying was great and not overwhelming.
Desiree Johnson
Jan 01,2021
Quick and easy. Just the way I like it.
Jason Wilfong
Dec 17,2020
Very Happy with the policy and the over all experience.
Billy Ross
Nov 26,2020
Excellent and Professional
Lonnie Johnson
Nov 12,2020
Jen was amazing and very helpful with the whole process of getting life insurance. Thank u jen
Samantha Billings
Nov 12,2020
Pleasant personality and understood all my needs.
Yalondia Bond
Nov 03,2020
The process was pretty seamless and wasn’t too involved. Much better then the process with Banner!
Noel Ross
Nov 03,2020
Very easy process questions answered And walked through the process
Mark Cusano
Oct 31,2020
Great it went very smoothly
Brittany Runda
Oct 24,2020
The process was easy and painless!
Ralph Carter
Sep 10,2020
Very easy to navigate.
Jay Powell
Sep 10,2020
Our agent was awesome to work with! She stayed on top of things for us. Thanks!!
Aneta Munck
Sep 04,2020
Easy to apply and convert policies to whole life.
Donald King
Sep 01,2020
It was very easy. Jennifer was very truthful and kind
Robert McTernan
Aug 29,2020
Excellent and fast .
Jose Enriquez
Aug 19,2020
Easy to convert portion of term life once you understand what you want. Agent fill out the necessary paperwork. Still waiting for approval for 3 conversions.
Souphalak King
Aug 17,2020
The application process was super easy with Jennifer’s help!!!
Betty Richard
Jul 02,2020
The whole process went over really smooth. Miss Nikki Walker is one of the most professional individuals I have ever had the privilege to work with.
Qwanda Seals
Jun 11,2020
So far my experience has been good.
D Naja Lee
Jun 11,2020
Responsive, fast and professional and great value
Linda Gray
May 27,2020
Jen and Kathy are so helpful. Great experience, happy with my policy. Thank you
Alessandro Garcia
May 18,2020
Easy process, got exactly what I needed!
Audrea Ritter
May 14,2020
Easy to apply, immediate response
Nubia Velasquez
May 13,2020
The experience was seem less.
Jacqueline Murphy
May 09,2020
Absolutely excellent service
Christos Kouzinoglou
May 07,2020
My experience was wonderful and very helpful agent.
Gretchen Phillips
May 07,2020
The process was easier that i originally thought.
George Lagat
May 01,2020
Working with Jennifer to obtain a policy was the easiest part of my day. She handled everything perfectly and was very pleasant to work with. Thank you so much for the wonderful shopping experience! Clint & Lisa
Clinton Mckenzie
Apr 20,2020
Got exactly what I was looking for without the pressure or upsell’s like other insurance companies do. Great friendly easy service! Jennifer was amazing.
Crystal McGriff
Apr 12,2020
Outstanding services
Noris Hernandez
Apr 04,2020
Assurity made the process very easy.
Dustin Wall
Mar 28,2020
Ms. Nikki Walker was very sweet. She listens and doesn’t mind answering questions and doesn’t rush you for a payment to get started and doesn’t show frustration with your questions. She’s happy to keep breaking things down until you understand and know what you’re getting. Thank you.
Jotham Jackson *
Mar 23,2020
very easy to process application
Anthony Rando
Mar 21,2020
The experience was very simple and straight forward. Besides answering a lot of questions. Which that’s just part of it.
Clu (Cory) Phillips
Mar 20,2020
Great customer service, explained when I had questions
Sara Anderson
Mar 18,2020
Easy and clear system
Philip Lo Cascio
Mar 14,2020
A little on the slow initially but picked up nicely once Cheryl and Kathy took over my policy.
James Boese
Mar 13,2020
Wow!!! Jennifer Plisch made purchasing life insurance crazy easy! This was my first time buying a life insurance policy. Had I known it would have been this easy, I would have done it long time ago! She made it so easy and convenient, that I am in the process of purchasing another policy from her! I highly recommend Jen!
Mike Mendoza
Mar 05,2020
Easy....Great customer services!!
Monica Turner
Feb 14,2020
Awesome experience great customer service, and just like that im insured.
Eric Shane Auwae
Feb 12,2020
Easier to complete speaking with a live person.
Warren Wiggs
Feb 07,2020
Nikki was helpful and made the process of working with Assurity easy.
Justin Robinette
Jan 30,2020
It was very easy to apply for life insurance and the policies were approved fairly quickly without hassle. The rates are great for our budget and my spouse and I now have peace of mind for the future of our family.
Anna Yonk
Jan 28,2020
It was very pleasant, Brandon was fast and thorough.
David Hubbard
Jan 20,2020
Was easy to deal with the agent
Robert Asare
Jan 18,2020
Fast, easy process. Thanks
Nicholas (Nick) Dolinger
Jan 17,2020
The application process went very smooth and at a very timely manner.
Laura Malloy
Jan 10,2020
We had a few miscommunications at the beginning, but it all worked out.
Ricky Harshman
Jan 02,2020
I can’t believe how easy it was to apply for accidental death life insurance. Thank you to Jen Plisch and team for Being so professional and making the process simple and hassle free. Appreciate it.
Jill Bergman
Dec 30,2019
This transaction was very quick and easy!
Michael Woodall
Dec 30,2019
Wow, this was so easy! It was like Jen knew exactly what I wanted and needed and she worked within my budget! I am recommending her to all my friends and family. Thank you TruBlue and Jen! Now I feel protected.
John Pellizzari
Dec 24,2019
Easy to get through process and Jen was knowledgeable and walked me through the process
Ryan Barrows
Dec 22,2019
It was an online interaction and it went very smoothly.
David Arthurs
Dec 11,2019
The application process was quick and easy.
Kimberly Speed
Dec 10,2019
Nikki, our agent, made the whole process very painless. Would definitely recommend.
Ninette (Nina) Adams
Dec 09,2019
Process wasn’t difficult.
Dennis Bowen
Dec 04,2019
I was able to get the best cost on a policy with the easiest convenience of any company I've ever worked with.
(Robert) Quentin Beck
Dec 04,2019
Very easy user friendly application process.
Jennifer Beck
Nov 27,2019
The application process was fair.
Dustin Zeigenbein
Nov 20,2019
Very easy, relatively quick.
Keith Brofsky
Nov 14,2019
My agent made this a very positive experience.
Shabreene Awkward Blazquez
Nov 11,2019
Everything just flowed! There was no hassle, no work on my end, just to answer some questions and wait for the approval. I’m happy to have my policy in hand!
Mona (Lisa) Cook
Nov 07,2019
My experience was easy and no difficulty in my application process.
Aliah Long***
Nov 06,2019
Very easy process. Thanks for your help
Calvin Schoppe
Oct 30,2019
Excellent customer service!
Tina Kourafas
Oct 25,2019
Effortless, Painless, and very efficient!
Karen Blanco
Oct 04,2019
The process was simple and easy. I would recommend to others.
Stanley Cheng
Sep 27,2019
Easy and fast to apply and get approval
Darren (Don) King
Sep 19,2019
Great!!! Highly recommend others to use there services.
Brian Pitt
Sep 18,2019
Very simple and easy!
Korey Alexander
Sep 18,2019
Fast and straightforward. I had coverage within a day! Had I known it would be so easy, I would have done this ages ago.
Luis Argueta
Sep 14,2019
It was a very easy-going process
Melissa Wilcox
Sep 13,2019
Super quick and easy!
Shelby Sheesley
Sep 13,2019
Simple, fast and delivered as promised.
Karen (Richard) Karoub
Aug 30,2019
Jennifer was incredible. She was very helpful through the entire process
Reid Sharpe
Aug 29,2019
No long wait for application process and I was approved. I didn’t have to go through a examination like other places.
Patrice Brown
Aug 28,2019
The process was very simple and relatively quick. I needed life insurance as a key man policy for my lender and Assurity came through in plenty of time for my refinance closing. It was a very seamless process. Thanks!
Robert Walker
Aug 24,2019
Great rates and great coverage!
Kathryn Hand
Aug 13,2019
It was Quick and easy.
Roderick Valdez
Aug 09,2019
Amazing, fast, easy and simple.
Pol Cousineau
Jul 31,2019
I was impressed with the prompt service but disappointed I was not eligible for STD.
Michael Bouchereau
Jul 31,2019
My experience with the application process was very good.
Wernad Adams
Jul 30,2019
The application process was flawless and without any issues. Thumbs up!!!
Randolph Truesdale
Jul 19,2019
Working with Jennifer was an excellent experience. She is very professional and friendly. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a stress free experience.
Tammy Neagle (Schulte)
Jul 17,2019
Easy and had all questions answered
Patrick Haines
Jul 13,2019
Quick easy process.
Sean Manisap
Jul 11,2019
The process took longer then expected but final outcome was what I was hoping for and.endes on a positive note.
Angela Hambach
Jul 03,2019
Applying for life insurance with Assurity a was simple noninvasive process. The application was straightforward and was done electronically and over the phone with a kind and courteous agent. Assurity followed up a few days later to verify some information. My application was approved in less than ten days. In sum, the application process with Assurity was streamlined and straightforward.
Richard Cheplick
Jun 28,2019
Very professional service with support throughout the process. I am very pleased with the customer service provided and the approach used to provide me with the best rate!
Enrique Alvarez
Jun 23,2019
The whole process was very easy, from initiating the application process to talking with the True Blue agent. Just a couple of phone calls and my new policy was set!
Russell Plantt
Jun 21,2019
Thank you for the help, easy to do!!!
Jennifer Brown
Jun 19,2019
Jennifer was super flexible. She found a plan that works for us.
Brian Walbourne
Jun 13,2019
Professional, easy process.
Anthony Levey
Jun 12,2019
Fast and easy process.
Norman Davis
Jun 10,2019
If you want the best get Brandon Potter because he will find what you want get the best Brandon Potter
Russell Hutchison
Jun 04,2019
Easy to complete. Response was quick.
Nidish Jose
Jun 01,2019
I was not able to find any policies due to some health conditions, i have heart problems.... i had been denied for policy after policy although it wasnt quite what i was looking for i am no covered i would have never have gotten coverage on my own thank you so much my family is protected now.
Kristen Nelson
May 24,2019
The process was short and to the point. No unnecessary questions.
Thomas Harrier
May 14,2019
The application process was quick and easy. I had tried to request online quotes from a couple of different websites but I found that True Blue’s site was the easiest to use.
Darrin Edwards
May 13,2019
Application process was painless and easy.
Eric Mutnan
May 01,2019
Everything was as promised. Price was less than expected.
Johnathan Brown
Apr 30,2019
very quick and simple!
Adrian Schramm
Apr 26,2019
Great experience, hassle free.
John St Denis
Apr 25,2019
The process was quick and simple.
Jason Brod
Apr 25,2019
Such an easy application !!
Katrina (Katie) Hall
Apr 25,2019
The process was simple, clear and easy
Joshua Smeltzer
Apr 23,2019
The process went smoothly
Carolyn Yoshino
Apr 22,2019
Easy, Straightforward, and Fast
Eric Fulmer
Apr 20,2019
The application process was very simple. I did everything online with Jennifer in a matter of minutes.
Atlean Thomas
Apr 11,2019
Delivered all information regarding our policies as promised. They addressed and resolved any minor discrepancies, Would use this company again
Jason Johnson
Apr 04,2019
Quick, easy and explained easily by agent
David Pierce
Apr 03,2019
One of the first places I researched, please with the outcome.
William Negron
Mar 28,2019
Jennifer made it easy and convenient. She was very knowledgeable and helpful.
Anthony Eldridge
Mar 22,2019
Very helpful & friendly! Always quick to return calls & answer questions.
Selena Brooks
Mar 21,2019
It had alot of question but it was ok. Maybe could be improved to less questions.
Olecia Gomes
Mar 19,2019
she answered all my questions and gave me very good advice I ended up buying two separate policies from her and look forward to doing business with her again very specific conscientious caring agent
Holly Dempsey
Mar 15,2019
Over all I had a good experience, thanks to my agent Cheryl.
Adam Yordy
Mar 15,2019
Quick and easy. Excellent customer service!
Tammy Sparks
Mar 14,2019
Cheryl made the process super easy. Thank you for the excellent work done.
Diana Velasco
Mar 11,2019
A relaxed and stress free process from start to finish.
John Adams
Mar 08,2019
Quick and painless! Easy to work with!
Joseph Immethun
Mar 08,2019
Easy electronic application process.
Tauseef Khawaja
Mar 04,2019
Cheryl was great and wonderful again.shes a very sweet lady.
Glenn Mitchell
Mar 02,2019
It was a relatively simple.
Joshua Goodhue
Feb 28,2019
Jen did a great job helping me
Jon Davies
Feb 26,2019
Was simple and easy. Ken did great.
Tanner Binger
Feb 26,2019
A+ very easy process, will recommend.
Jose Carrillo
Feb 25,2019
I love the no exam policy. The application process was quick and painless and I didn't have to take time off work or time away from family just to get life insurance
Kimberly Morris
Feb 21,2019
Nikki Walker is awesome!!!
Brian Woodby
Feb 20,2019
Cheryl is a wonderful agent. She has gone above and beyond for all my needs. She is a true asset to your company.
Danielle Schenk
Feb 19,2019
Excellent really really good
Julie Kohler
Feb 18,2019
Happy with the policy and with the help of the insurance agent
Nathan Hughes
Feb 12,2019
Great service. Made me feel very comfortable.
Randolph Truesdale
Feb 12,2019
It's a nice and very professional company to deal with.
Arnoldis (Sharon) Pilgrim jr
Feb 12,2019
I am very pleased with Assurity
Kamie Huguley
Feb 07,2019
Helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and patient! Happy I decided to go with Assurity!
Karyn Wittman
Feb 06,2019
They made this supplemental accidental insurance policy easy.
Shane McCall
Jan 31,2019
Two thumbs up. I definitely will recommend
Alexander Abreu
Jan 30,2019
So far so good. Just started my experience.
Martin Horiuchi
Jan 26,2019
Very impressed by their professionalism.
John Leahy
Jan 25,2019
No problems yet! Hopefully my husband never needs to find out how easy they are to work with to submit a claim. Yikes!
Alexis Rhodes
Jan 23,2019
Awesome, simple process to get a policy. Thankful for this option, and an attentive agent.
David Porter
Jan 22,2019
Great customer service. The process for getting life insurance was smooth. All of my questions were answered and every interaction with True Life representatives was pleasant. They are extremely detailed with great follow through
Patricia Taylor
Jan 22,2019
I feel Assurity was very helpful in giving me options
Danny Boldroff
Jan 21,2019
Fast and easy. Best service around.
Dennis Szuberla
Jan 18,2019
outstanding, outstanding, outstanding!!!!
Richard Williams
Jan 18,2019
Very good I’m very satisfied with ur services thank you
Timmy Tene
Jan 16,2019
I was in need of life insurance as part of my SBA loan closing. Reached out to True Blue from a google search, and was assigned Jennifer Plisch, she recommended Assurity. They sent out a medical technician that was professional and very informative about the steps. Was approved within days of Jennifer applying on my behalf. Great experience with Assurity and True Blue.
Shane McCall
Jan 16,2019
Asurity quickly processed the insurance, we were happy with the overall customer service. .
Marcus (Jill) Dinkins
Jan 15,2019
Again everything went smoothly, Thanks
Timothy Thorsett
Jan 14,2019
Easy and smooth process.
Scott Sams
Jan 14,2019
Unknown at present. Will report back if and when I need to file a claim with the company.
Joseph Salamone
Jan 09,2019
Everything has been great so far
Ryan Anderson
Jan 09,2019
They have been informative and easy to work with.
Roger Dazey
Jan 04,2019
Application process was easy. I was approved the same day as my interview and had my policy enforced within a few days. Cost effective.
Misty Nall
Jan 03,2019
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
Sheryl Merrill
Jan 02,2019
Excellent and fast Excellent and fast Excellent and fast Excellent and fast
Jimmy Michel
Dec 29,2018
I had lost hope on finding a life insurance company that have simple procedures....that is until I found Jen at True Blue. She has been amazing and I couldn't be happier with my service, policy and cost!
Jennifer Beck
Dec 28,2018
My overall experience was a blessing. Great service.
Joe Walker
Dec 26,2018
Seamless. I did not have to wait long ... they took care of my concerns immediately.
Jacob George
Dec 25,2018
Easy to use, answered any and all questions that I had. Very efficient and quick turn around.
Bradley Godden
Dec 17,2018
Hopefully I never have to really find out
Aaron Taschek
Dec 11,2018
Was great . I would recommend them to anyone.
Rettie Sargent
Dec 05,2018
Awesome so far. Assuring was highly recommendeded so I went for it.
Maria Freeman
Dec 05,2018
Good company, good rates.
Nicholas (Nick) Dolinger
Nov 30,2018
It was a easy process to get through.
Travis Smith
Nov 28,2018
Started off rough but they gave me th insurance i need thanks to jason fighting for it
Jonas Smith
Nov 27,2018
I have been looking for a reputable company for my Life Insurance. I filled out the online application and was quickly contacted by Jennifer for an overview of my application and explanation of benefits. Jennifer was very informative and with me throughout the entire process. I have already recommended her to a colleague, and will continue to recommend her to others.
Bradley Godden
Nov 26,2018
Excellent product and very good customer service. Very much five star all the way.
Douglas Shebroe
Nov 26,2018
Assurity offered the best policy for our needs. I'm grateful for their flexibility and under that not everyone's circumstances are ideal. I would recommend Assurity to anyone looking for life insurance of any kind.
Travis Kennedy
Nov 13,2018
No complaints everything went smoothly
Richard Poole
Nov 13,2018
I tried to research different companies and policies online for months, but the process can be confusing. True Blue helped get me 2 Assurity policies that I am very pleased with. The rates are reasonable and the policy generous, especially with all the factors we had against us. I would recommend Assurity to anyone.
Jagger Kennedy
Nov 10,2018
So far so good no hassle, I would recommend your company to others.
Marco Flores
Nov 08,2018
Great great great great
Mary Byrd
Nov 08,2018
Great Service, Thank you!
Tyrone Borden
Oct 31,2018
Professional and affordable.
Elizabeth Posy-Baron
Oct 19,2018
Very pleased, no issues so far.
Ward Komers
Sep 26,2018
don't have enough interaction so far to say
Timothy Hogan
Sep 21,2018
Clear and informative explanation of what to do and expect with the policy. Cheryl Schlenkert was a big help!
Jeremy Kelly
Sep 20,2018
Great Price!!! Recommended...
Anthony Winford
Sep 20,2018
They handled my request in a timely manner. Was very satisfied with the customer service and professionalism.
Christina Siemiaszko
Sep 10,2018
They were very good and I was able to get insured so I'm am very happy.
Henry Cassey
Sep 05,2018
The company delivered a fair and equitable policy.
Lisa Wommack
Sep 04,2018
Great coverage for the cost
Justin Ryan
Sep 01,2018
The prices are reasonable compared to other companies.
Jennifer Carrigan
Aug 28,2018
Great professional business and employees so friendly and efficient
Bobby Staggs
Aug 24,2018
Great - and followed through till completed.
Maria Murphy
Aug 15,2018
It's hard to say how well Assurity will perform when a claim is submitted since I (so far) don't need their service. I just needed a small policy which would help offset expenses that my brothers (if they're surviving) would incur upon my passing. I have no dependents, no parents, etc. so I just need the process to be SIMPLE and I'm certain this Assurity policy will do the job when the time comes. The application process went very smoothly (over the phone) and I have received the policy. Peace of mind - done.
Walter Smith
Aug 15,2018
I had no issues and was completely brought through the process
Joseph Spinola
Aug 13,2018
Application process took a while, process is not customer-centric
Hal Hawkins
Jul 31,2018
I like that you keep us in touch and mail out our policy in a timing matter.
Ger Xiong
Jul 26,2018
A+ Stellar service. Would recommend to anyone looking.
Arthur Luculescu
Jul 20,2018
Though I am new I have had an excellent and easy time overall.
Sayre Jimenez
Jul 19,2018
I cant review it yet.
Alexandre Berger
Jul 18,2018
Good experience with Assurity Life Insurance Company. Took longer than expected and final premium a little more than initially quoted but overall I am satisfied.
Donald King
Jul 18,2018
So far so good. Very easy process.
James Fogarty
Jul 16,2018
We just began. No opinion as of yet.
Troy Gaylor
Jul 14,2018
I have never had an insurance company that did not put the names of the beneficiaries on the policy. I am also not to impressed with the automatic withdrawal for payment, i would rather call it in.
Roxanne Austin
Jul 13,2018
They were able to find me coverage below the originally quoted price!
Cassidy Bordeaux
Jul 12,2018
Policy was explained thoroughly and pricing was affordable.
Whitney Bryant
Jul 03,2018
Awesome experience!! Very happy
John Diraffaele
Jul 02,2018
Best ever they gave me the best deal with the guidelines that suit me That is hard to come by with most insurance companies they try to over sell u
Joseph Spinola
Jul 01,2018
very good and accurate service happy to be aboard for many years to come...Assurity Life Insurance Company was prompt with immediate service without hesitation
Kelsie Singleton
Jul 01,2018
It was a great and easy experience
Hortencia Lapena
Jun 29,2018
Assurity has life insurance products for everyone. Easily obtained for a great premium with minimal health questions.
Thomas Whiteman
Jun 28,2018
Good experience with agent and customer service
Cheri Church
Jun 28,2018
Everything straightforward and easy to to.
Robert Barkle
Jun 28,2018
So far it has been great, much better than my local agent of 20 years.
Gabriel Mergenthaler
Jun 25,2018
So far everything has been been great!
Kevin McKinney
Jun 24,2018
I'm very pleased so far and would highly recommend this company to others.
Debra Gunn
Jun 24,2018
Quote came in lower than talked about, and coverage is great.
Andrew Deprey
Jun 19,2018
Cheryl was great to work with. The whole process was super easy.
Ola Arthurs
Jun 17,2018
Good policy few restrictions
Robert Gerye
Jun 15,2018
I was online looking for insurance when i seen this site. I did the application and the agent called me. She was very helpful and polite. She helped me find the right plan for me and my budget u truly thank her
Shirley Burks
Jun 11,2018
Overall, okay, process seemed to take quite some time though.
Robert Miles
Jun 05,2018
Great company. Are used to work as an agent and I could never find the type of coverage that they got me
Michael Feeney
Jun 05,2018
Very satisfied , they were able to work with me when other company's wouldnt listen to me
Gavin Peyton
Jun 04,2018
Excellent so far. Haven't had to do much with them yet. The process has been easy.
Brandon Dollar
Jun 02,2018
Reviews online seemed solid. I won’t know how great you are unless I not looking forward to my family knowing about the service of you company, haha.
Tyler Wilhoit
Jun 01,2018
Not sure yet only did a phone interview but that rep was great
Kelly Crownover
May 31,2018
Great experience enjoyed all the advice and direction I was given. Very satisfied
Christopher Hurst
May 30,2018
Jason Alper was great! he was very knowledgeable of life insurance thanks
Lillian Harris
May 29,2018
So far so good... hopefully we never have to file a claim
David Lynn
May 21,2018
Jennifer garnered your company’s my referral to all my friends, she’s was that good
Rudolph Bleakley
May 17,2018
Quick and easy process.
Olga Torres
May 14,2018
Always delivers as promised.
John Fairless
May 13,2018
Assurity provided higher coverage for less than other insurers I spoke with. The premiums are most fair.
Paul Rohacek
May 09,2018
This life insurance product looks to be a good value for the price, and fits my needs.
Peter Ahwesh
May 04,2018
Very pleased so far was easy process
Joel Pittman
May 03,2018
Very simple process - no complaints at all...
Brian Adkins
Apr 28,2018
Great so far hopefully it continues
Edward Johnson
Apr 25,2018
Easy and all my questions were answered
Oscar Aleman
Apr 24,2018
This is a bit more difficult to rate as I had little contact with them. The person I spoke to was friendly and patient.
Eugene Mckay III
Apr 23,2018
Excellent so far. All email and phone correspondence has been seamless. With a full workload, the process has been exactly what I needed.
Christopher Kelly
Apr 22,2018
We were able to acquire life insurance quickly and easily. Thank you
Anthony Markley
Apr 17,2018
Assurity insurance had the best quote and the process was easy. They are also a top rated company.
David Henderson
Apr 17,2018
Quick approval and very pleased with experience with Assurity Life Ins.
Vanessa King
Apr 13,2018
Very proficient company.
Deborah Horton
Apr 11,2018
Best rates and easy to apply
Jodi Hoefler
Apr 08,2018
Have had a whole life policy with Assurity since my early 20's.
Cameron Johnston
Apr 07,2018
Jen did a great job responding to what I needed and acting quickly. Really stellar job.
Anthony Aucoin
Apr 01,2018
They're very efficient and they get your policy in order quickly, I'd definitely recommend using Assurity.
Patrick McGready
Mar 29,2018
Cheryl was great to work with. Would def use her again in the future..
Matthew Grosse
Mar 27,2018
Very quick service! The policy met our needs and budget.
Mylan McDowell
Mar 22,2018
Great company great agrnt. I am happy
Vladimir Atrakhimovich
Mar 22,2018
Rated 3 stars only because I just signed up for policy. Great pricing though for a very reasonable coverage amount.
Jared Williams
Mar 22,2018
So far the application process was so simple and painless! And the rates were the best we've found
Andrew Munson
Mar 19,2018
I'm putting five stars because of the agents but I can't not rate the company yet because I am a new client
James Rodriquez
Mar 12,2018
Good rate, so far so good
Justin Cardella
Mar 12,2018
Everything was handled with the upmost professionalism and we were very happy to go through your company.
Jerry Warden
Mar 06,2018
Jason was very helpful.
Mark Law
Feb 09,2018
Made everything easy. Thanks so much.
Ernest Alexander
Feb 01,2018
Policy came in as quoted and very quickly. Easy process and friendly service. Highly recommend.
Belinda Hullett
Jan 21,2018
Very good company. Reasonable in underwriting.
Khampha Simmaly
Jan 19,2018
Overall everything went well she even helped me solve problems on how to use a computer
Richard Hisel
Dec 27,2017
Five Star,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thomas Hansen
Dec 15,2017
I think it very good. I would recommend this company to my friends and family.
Anthony Joyner
Nov 08,2017
I have not had enough contact with Assurity to give an overall evaluation.
Robin Sills
Nov 07,2017
Very pleased and comfortable with the services you provide.
Latricia Wall
Oct 23,2017
The process was very easy and quick, the lady who called me was very pleasant and professional, I can only give 4 stars because I don't know how it will end when I'm gone...
Nancy Meert
Aug 30,2017
I'm new with this company so I can't give any experience yet
Michael Eastwood
Aug 16,2017
As this is a new policy, it is a little difficult to say at this time. If you continue to provide the excellent agent that we were able to make contact with, then I do not see how you could go wrong ! We were very pleased with the knowledge, expertise and prompt turn around time that we received. Thank You.
James Savely
Jul 31,2017
Great people very professional incurious a straightforward company good people to work with and very fair pricing. Fast fast service!!
Darlene Honderd
Jul 30,2017
Great company first class number 1 in our book!
Randall Honderd
Jul 08,2014
Great! Easy to read through the policy. The process was quick and easy.
Andrew Winiarczyk
Jul 08,2014
The process was pretty quick and easy. No problems. The no medical exam policy was very convenient. As a secondary policy for me it was a simple process.
Jameson Fair
Jun 16,2014
It took a bit longer than I thought due to the uniqueness of my situation. It was a good experience overall. I'm very happy.
Stephen Hawks
Jun 19,2021
I had a great experience, the application was easy to complete and Julie helped answer all of my questions and make the process very smooth.
Jesse Gurman
Feb 13,2020
very good, would recommend
Allan (Peter) Phillips
Feb 11,2020
I did an online application and with the help from some agent like Nikki Walker everything went smooth.
Minh Vo
Aug 21,2019
Good experience. I had tons of questions and they were all addressed.
Garrick Haltiwanger
Apr 12,2019
Application was easy, medical exam quick and on time, and price was better than competitors. Great value, great product.
William Briner
Mar 01,2019
Excellent Customer service.
Michael Baer
Jul 25,2018
It was nice being able to set up my insurance so easy without a lot of back and fourth.
Kristen Blakney
Jul 09,2018
The insurance policy is one of the best rates I received. Cheryl and Julie responded to all my request
John Wright
Jun 03,2018
Good told me where we were in a short period of time
Dale Richardson
Feb 23,2018
Banner Life was great, as they made the approval process simple, and the best part is that they are quick.
Gary Hamblin
Jan 13,2018
Very satisfied with the overall experience with Banner Life. They were swift, convenient, and fair to deal with. Would recommend to others I know.
Michael Jacinto
Apr 28,2016
Great! They have met and/or exceeded expectations
Omer Baron
Dec 03,2012
The experience I had was good. The underwriting process was timely and communication was good.
Abigail Scott
Mar 05,2012
Very easy. The only thing would be make it faster not 5 weeks.
Eric Boling
Feb 04,2012
Other than the process taking longer than expected, the overall experience was good. For both my wife's and my application, the process was delayed by the underwriter ordering doctor's reports late in the process. If they had been ordered up front, I would have said the experience was excellent.
Darin Myrick
Jan 25,2012
Very easy to apply for and good communication with assigned agents. Affordable prices and cheaper than other competitive companies.
Eunice Culhane
Jan 01,2012
Generally efficient and effective.
Matthew Franklin
Oct 04,2011
The process was timely and efficient in every way, from the physical to the paperwork.
Karen Caygill
Sep 02,2011
Everything went fine. I have no complaints.
Stephen Wall
Jul 01,2011
General approval time and the paperwork was a bit long. The process was not difficult, but took a long time to get my insurance activated. An expedited process would be an improvement
Zachary Wain
Mar 07,2011
very good.
Ahmad Badawi
Feb 09,2011
Very good experience. Very easy to set up insurance I wanted. Rates were the most competitive.
Chris Abernathy
Sep 09,2018
I would recommend many people to true blue . Ms. Walker were very helpful and she stayed in communication with me and the process was very smooth
Ave Randall
Apr 18,2018
Very satisfied with my experience. No complaints.
Gary Colp jr
Nov 07,2018
Excellent product and service.
Ramona Dahl
Jun 02,2017
Very easy to get insurance
Louis Anolfo
Aug 18,2020
Easy to use and excellent price
Deborah Malins
May 31,2020
Great experience; I can now be assured that I have protection in place for my family. Thank you!!
Sonya Smith
Feb 06,2020
The overall experience was smooth and I will recommend friends or family to Aaron.
Joseph Rodriguez
Jan 18,2020
Amazing and easy to find a plan that fit my needs..
Michael Huboky
Oct 24,2019
Easy to understand as Nikki explained everything along the way. It took less time than I expected.
Aaron Kaufman
Dec 31,2018
Quick and easy process. Nikki was great and very helpful.
Amy Devera
Oct 13,2018
Awesome- so far I've not had any issues. Was very fast at getting my policy to me. I also very helpful with all questions.
Adam Khadbai
Oct 09,2018
Reasonable pricing. Strong efforts throughout the company to get me what I needed under a tight deadline.
Corey Risolvato
Aug 12,2018
Very pleased so far .. just started my policy with them.. so far im very pleased on how fast they handled by policy... thank you .. Joseph Stachowiak
Joseph Stachowiak
Jul 01,2018
Required further review but satisfied.
Stan Helinski
May 17,2018
Great application and ease of completion.
Gabriel Dominguez
Mar 26,2018
Excellent experience
Claudio Landsberg
Feb 10,2017
Awesome! I love it...
S. Stephen Brunson
Oct 26,2016
The Fidelity program is second to none. No medical exams from a trusted name in the business, what more can I ask for as a protected policy holder.
Joseph Casaretto
May 14,2016
This is my first experience with Fidelity Life and so far I am pleased with them.
Eric Rakestraw
Aug 04,2015
worked out well. Good policy at an affordable rate. thanks
Michael Newnam
May 19,2015
Only been a few months but so far so good
Jessica Damon
May 26,2016
gorgeous service; prompt and accurate.
Diane Tolson
Feb 18,2021
She was nice helpful consistent. She explained she followed up with me. I can call her if need anything.
Linda Forbes
Sep 24,2020
It was easy and knowledgeable.
Jennifer Rawle
Aug 18,2020
It was extremely user friendly and the process was very easy and efficient.
Roland Smith
Jul 09,2020
Was great. All i had to do was answer questions to determines my rates. They do, do a background check. The rates are fair, no blood tests or pee tests were needed.
Jacari Taylor
Jul 02,2020
Jen is a very polite respectable lady who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to Life Insurance she found the best deal possible for me she catered it to my needs and I am forever grateful.
Tawna Grisham
Apr 16,2020
Excellent service, answered all my questions and gave me the best options to benefit my family.
Amiri Sanders
Feb 02,2020
I had a good experience because my agent, Jennifer Plisch, was extremely helpful and compassionate.
Patricia Brewer
Dec 09,2019
Very professional and throughly explained all my options. Happy to have worked with her.
Candice Coon
Nov 12,2019
The process was very simple and Jennifer was great to work with! She exceeded my expectations!
Patrick Masserano
Aug 24,2019
It was really very easy to apply for insurance with your company.
Matrina Cowan
Jan 29,2019
Overall it was an awesome experience. Everything went smoothly. Agent Ken was very helpful and friendly. Use Ken Kouffman he will get the job done!
Harris Hastings
Aug 31,2018
5 stars,just like above.not much to tell you.
Robert Miller jr
May 22,2015
Excellent! They were very attentive and met all my needs.
Autumn Koerbel
Jan 12,2015
I'm very pleased with both the product and the price received from Genworth Life Insurance Company.
James Bertelmann
May 20,2011
I had a pleasant and pain free experience with Genworth Life Insurance Company. Everyone, from the paramedic who administered my physical exam to the the insurance agents were professional, courteous and efficient in meeting my life insurance needs.
Terrance David
Apr 07,2010
I was completely satisfied.
Deborah Scott
May 31,2021
Great experience, quick and flexible.
Eduardo Rodriguez
May 21,2021
My husband had scheduled for me to complete the application over the phone with Nikki, but our newborn spit up all over, so I couldn't take the call. She had no problem rescheduling, and even when she did call back, I was also packing up to move, but she was so flexible and understanding, working with me. The application was a little time consuming, but I much preferred completing it over the phone with Nikki, opposed to guessing how to on my own.
Jamie Lee LaCombe
Apr 07,2021
Quick and easy application
Joshua LaCombe
Apr 03,2021
Quick, easy and to the point.
Brian Wiemeri
Mar 31,2021
She is a pleasure and knows her stuff
Peter Aprea
Mar 07,2021
Easy application process
Joseph Aiello
Feb 09,2021
Very easy to work with, can’t imagine doing this process without foresters.
Mason Keresty
Feb 05,2021
Very good experience. Easy process.
Brian Leib
Jan 20,2021
Very simple and easy
Louis Anolfo
Dec 30,2020
It was super easy and to apply.
Brian Gray
Dec 01,2020
My experience was very easy and had the outcome that I wanted.
DaRon Roberson
Nov 26,2020
Easy, quick and seamless
Ajay Malhotra
Nov 11,2020
Very straightforward process.
Mellissa Hare
Oct 07,2020
Good. Always quick and courteous.
Bebi Tulshi
Oct 05,2020
Nikki is a great front line employee one that can be trusted and counted on. Pleasant, kind and extremely comfortable to converse with! she should be an Ambassador!
Albert (Chucky) Chock
Sep 30,2020
Professional and prompt!!!
Jacqueline McClure
Sep 25,2020
Once we got through a few items was smooth
Ryan Aufiero
Sep 24,2020
Great people all the way around
Wayne Chiles
Sep 22,2020
Way easier than I thought it was going to be, and also much faster.
Davis Draughon
Sep 14,2020
the process was pretty smooth and my agent, Jen, was easy to work with and informative.Eric
Eric Vincent
Sep 10,2020
Expedient. Approved same day Nnsmmsmsmsks
Rashad Myers
Aug 28,2020
Great.. & thank you all for your time
Teresa Rodriguez
Aug 12,2020
Process was a little slower than i thought it would be.
George Ramirez
Aug 11,2020
very good experience
Casandra Pink
Aug 10,2020
The experience was amazing our representative was extremely helpful.
Jeffery Hampton Jr.
Aug 06,2020
Jen was great very thorough in explaining things she made me feel comfortable in my purchase good polite wonderful character I enjoyed the whole experience!
Richard Robinson
Aug 01,2020
You need to ask your clients when to take the payments. What day of the month? For me, it's best on the 22nd after my social security arrives.
John Lockhart
Jun 10,2020
The whole process was easy because my agent Jen guided me step by step
Tara Silva
May 02,2020
Excellent experience!!!
Brendan Baldwin
Apr 10,2020
Simple and easy. Great experience.
Jim Micklos
Mar 26,2020
Great policy options, excellent service!
Julie Roche
Mar 24,2020
Nikki Walker was very helpful She answered all my questions and helped me to see all my options.
Ramadevi Chinnapaka
Mar 22,2020
GOOD people and Very professional
Patrick Griffin
Mar 22,2020
Good service
Faamanatuga Falefata
Mar 19,2020
I applied through an agent and it was simple. Basic questions anyone would know. All I had to do is fill out a mental health form. After being denied by 4 or 5 places Forresters approved me in about 5 days. They pretty much saved my life. I recommend this agency to the fullest!
Michael Taverna
Feb 10,2020
Application was simple and easy to comprehend
Larecco Campbell
Feb 06,2020
Jenifer was the best two policies approved in under an hour!!!
Brady Fisher
Feb 05,2020
Foresters gave us coverage at a price that we could afford. The process was easy and quick as well.
John Kania
Jan 29,2020
I think you went well above and beyond to help satisfy the situation, once again thank-you and I would recommend you to everybody !!!
Robert Yakin
Jan 22,2020
It was pain free and pretty quick!
Jennifer Willey
Jan 21,2020
Good. Simple. Easy. Could not ask for more.
Neville Lewis
Dec 31,2019
It was easy to apply and I got coverage fast!
Samuel Douglas
Dec 13,2019
Simple and painless -- especially since Aaron did all the heavy lifting.
Stewart Mohammadi
Oct 27,2019
Easy as 1-2-3! She was very knowledgeable about the coverage and cost.
Brian Pitt
Oct 21,2019
Quick response and great knowledge of service.
Jacqueline Tito
Sep 25,2019
It was fine. What more can I say?
Umeka Piccolo
Aug 31,2019
Robert Bellitto
Aug 27,2019
Great expierence. No problems
Michael Gollihugh
Aug 21,2019
Very easy on point and very pleasant.
Aileen Anaya
Aug 18,2019
Application process was fine, but foresters made it very inconvenient to go through approval process.
Allan Sabol
Aug 12,2019
I was very impressed with the speed of my application process. I thought it would take a week or two to get the application approved. I reached out to them via their website on a Sunday with my desired policy and I was contacted that evening and approved the next day.
Debra Straatmann
Jun 17,2019
Very fast and easy. Took about 20 min from start to finish !
Daniel Everly
May 25,2019
I give my application a 10 very good service
Ruth Jordan
May 23,2019
Very easy to follow.
Sandra Bellitto
May 14,2019
Very easy! Great service :)
Alice Floyd
May 10,2019
Jen was a huge help!
Rodney Floyd
Mar 28,2019
Great! This is my first application with them.
Lester Suppes
Mar 17,2019
Great company to be part of
Honey Mbatch
Mar 14,2019
Painless. If I knew it was this easy I would have done it sooner.
David Steer
Mar 13,2019
Jenn was amazing! It was a very simple process and she made it fun! Thanks Jenn!
Teresa Delgado
Mar 05,2019
It would be nice if you could update your informatin on online portal.
Celso Molina
Feb 24,2019
The process was great. The staff was helpful and made sure that everything went smoothly. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for great customer service and a timely response.
Charissa McAfee
Feb 23,2019
Excellent! Thanks so much Jason and Kathy!
Luis D'Agostino
Feb 16,2019
Very good and done quickly
Lana Petrovich
Jan 31,2019
Painless application process, quick turnaround
John Petrisek
Jan 30,2019
Everything was great
Michael Gollihugh
Jan 30,2019
Great, easy, satisfied.
Aaron Jones
Jan 29,2019
Very helpful and did his due diligence
David Schultz
Jan 15,2019
excellent experience
Christopher Ward
Jan 15,2019
Great Customer service! I love how they worked with my schedule and worked really hard to find a policy that fits our family and budget!! Thank you
Gilbert Contreras
Jan 14,2019
Exactly what I needed with a fast turn-around.
Marcus Robinson
Jan 04,2019
My agent Jen is the greatest! I would refer her to anyone else that need help in finding life insurance. She replied back to me all the time when I had any questions without waiting.
Lee Xiong
Dec 12,2018
I had to call and ask a question, I had to wait on hold for 20 minutes but they were very helpful once I got through.
Laura Carlson
Nov 30,2018
The enrollment process was straightforward and was accomplished in a short period of time. The agent I was assigned was helpful and knowledgeable. Looking forward to a good business relationship with Independent Order of Foresters.
Donna Thrasher
Nov 28,2018
This was a very easy transaction and I'm happy to be covered by Foresters.
Tiffany Feliz
Nov 28,2018
My family is now covered should anything happen to me. I am happy to do business with this company!
Danielle Kinsey
Oct 01,2018
Great! Thanks so much!
Katie Cuenin
Sep 06,2018
So far, so good! I just signed up, but Jen made the process very easy.
Diamond West
Sep 05,2018
I am very satisfied because I found what I was looking for and didn't have to second guess the decision. Thanks Forester's
Brandon Williams
Sep 02,2018
Simple easy process.
Justin Taylor (Ortiz)
Sep 01,2018
Not too expensive like others. That all for now. Since this is my first experience.
I Made Alit Sanjaya
Aug 23,2018
Great very easy and my agent was very helpful
Craig Coker
Aug 20,2018
Very pleasant experience
Matthew Kopacz
Aug 14,2018
Phenomenal service & responsiveness. Nikki Walker was the most helpful and patient agents. She took the time and consideration to answer every single question, explain the process, and accommodate my busy work schedule. She even took the time to find a better quote for me after I initially had chosen one that was more expensive and provided less of the items I need for my family. I am now a client a client for life and can rest easy knowing god forbid something does happen to me, my family is protected and will be working with a company that really can provide the simplified customer service you would need during a difficult time.
Ashley Duffy
Jul 19,2018
Approved me quickly with very minimal questions. Got the right amount of coverage at a very affordable level price
Andrew Murray
Jul 18,2018
Very quick turn around, thanks!
Vito Ruggiero
Jul 15,2018
The Service and attention that got from Jen was great
Richard Robinson
Jul 11,2018
Experience was great
Elias Rodriguez
Jul 02,2018
Fair pricing and smooth automated underwriting without the hassle of medical exam.
William Price
Jul 02,2018
So far ok. I like the fact that they offer extras with their policy
Lela Dooley
Jun 28,2018
Thankful for the great life insurance rate and service.
Madgia Ames
Jun 13,2018
seems fine so far. I guess I won't know until I die....oh wait...I won't know. If they are bad I will haunt them.
Dayne Scott
Jun 03,2018
So far so good. I believe I will work with them for many years to come
Jason Mielke
May 29,2018
This is our first experience with Forester’s, but so far it’s gone well.
Casey Wehmeyer
May 18,2018
Can’t really say...I haven’t received any policy papers yet or had any communication with them directly.
Angela Parisi Johnson
May 17,2018
Jason was a great agent
Charles Etzweiler
May 15,2018
So far I am extremely happy!
Stephanie Johnson
May 14,2018
A very easy and smooth transaction.
Lindsey Grier
Apr 15,2018
Very Satisfied with service
Robert Patterson
Apr 07,2018
Very efficient company, I would/will recommend to friends and family.
John Denney
Apr 05,2018
Excellent experience.
Ntheye Kabandama
Mar 22,2018
Approved almost immediately.
Jess Bulkowski
Mar 04,2018
Superb satisfaction and we were incredibly satisfied with the quality and level of care given to us by the representative. Thank you very much for everything you did.
Jesse Ortiz
Feb 14,2018
Great company from my experience
Alex Frantzis
Jan 30,2018
Had a great experience getting life insurance for my mom. Jennifer was very friendly, and did a great job helping us get the help that we needed!
Donna Morrill
Jan 28,2018
I have only had policy 2 weeks but they called to say they were sending policy packet as well as follow call to verify delivery. So far so good
Jonathan Clark
Nov 05,2017
Just a glitch with my mailing address which may have been my fault, the lot number was omitted.
Jeffrey Neidich
Oct 11,2017
Great plan and great price
Mark Carruba
Sep 27,2017
The process was quick and I got my policy approved with in a few days.
Song Yang
Nov 08,2019
It was easy and Jen helped me a lot. Thank you!
Takahiro Akatsu
Dec 10,2020
Great coverage and excellent rate!
Daniel Price
Jan 12,2018
Lincoln was a pleasure to work with in the initial set up process. They had a few extra questions for me which when answered honestly did not affect my rate at all. So far everything has been great and I am happy Lincoln dis not raise the rate for non-hereditary cancer that other insurance companies lump all together. I received a great rate without a screening compared to other insurance companies who screen. I was up front and honest about my family health which did not affect me as a an individual. Very pleased
Robert Brainard
Feb 22,2019
Jason was so helpful and walked me through it all.. he was so sincere and gentle with my grieving. I give him a 10!
Joseph LePore
Feb 27,2018
Great experience all-around.
Nicholas Warnock
Dec 01,2017
I would recommend to anyone!
Austin Lafferty
Nov 01,2017
Great rates, easy process to obtain coverage
Savannah Crawford
Oct 30,2017
Very good overall experience
Stanislaw Kolasa
Oct 29,2017
So far so good. Thanks.
Jeremy Carson
Oct 12,2017
Great experience purchasing life insurance.
Daniel Eschbacher
Oct 03,2017
Very easy application process.
Fokion Vavoulidis
Sep 27,2017
excellent company - great service
Charles Rider
Sep 25,2017
They provided very fast response times. It was a painless process to get a term life policy with them.
Christopher Hawkes
Sep 25,2017
The process was quick and simple.
Hoke Howard
Sep 13,2017
Excellent customer service. Friendly and offered great explanations of the entire process. Thoroughly answered questions and completed necessary paperwork in a timely manner.
Elizabeth Delgado
Sep 10,2017
Great So far. I hope to maybe use the other products they offer
Mark Hester
Sep 06,2017
Great price for a product that fits my needs!
DeAnn Crane
Aug 16,2017
Very good insurance company
Reese Blanton
Aug 07,2017
Jen was AMAZING to work with! My partner has a complicated past and she was so patient working every possible option with us. Obtaining health insurance through Jen and True Blue was so much faster and easier than I expected. We are so grateful for all her insight and help. Thank you again Jen!
Katie Van Wagenen
Jul 27,2017
Incredible experience, Jen could not have been more helpful. I cringed at the thought of how long this process would take, but much to my surprise it was incredibly simple and easy thanks to Jen!
James Hardin
Jul 18,2017
The process was very quick, efficient and painless. Everything was explained very clearly. I would highly recommend this company.
Orin Pearson
Jun 30,2017
I was pleased with the rate for the coverage, and very pleased with the ease and speed of the transaction. I was somewhat put off by the HIPAA acknowledgement. It felt as though I was giving my life and medical history away, and not in a good way, but in a creepy and overlawyered kind of way. I understand that underwriters need the information and the company has to protect itself from fraud but it felt a little over the top.
Patrick Miller
Jun 17,2017
Very quick process. Happy with the company.
Thomas Stefanik III
Jun 17,2017
Fast approval and affordable
Amanda Stefanik III
May 25,2017
Very easy process and great coverage.
Michael Knego
May 24,2017
Quick process to get life insurance.
Jamison Parrish
May 22,2017
Still waiting for my packet in the mail, but satisfied so far.
Aranka Berman
May 06,2017
I liked the quick approval process.
Devang Kothari
Feb 27,2017
They have done a good job so far.
Chris West
Feb 27,2017
It's been a great experience so far, fast approvals and easy to execute documents
Nishal Patel
Jan 16,2017
No direct interaction except with insurance agent who represented the company
Peaches Blake-Bernard
Jan 16,2017
No personal interac except through the representative
Andrumain Bernard
Dec 29,2016
Policy was delivered via email 2 days after application.
Janis Milne-Hess
Nov 04,2016
I haven't had any interaction with them yet, but their pricing was decent for what we were looking for.
Brian Ray
Oct 25,2016
Member materials are a bit confusing on what I needed to do to finalize. Otherwise, so far so good. First withdrawal just took place. Thank you.
Jason Randall
Oct 17,2016
So far so good, they insured me quickly and I am happy.
Frank Gallo
Nov 07,2019
Cheryl was very helpful in the process and was there to answer all my concerns.
Robert Mattson
Aug 14,2019
Very fast and easy to understand.
Kevin Beidelman
Feb 12,2019
It was a long process but they helped me gather everything I needed for approval and were responsive when I called for questions.
Rebecca Riddle
Jun 03,2021
Protective Life Insurance was easy to work with and very professional. They provide excellent rates, especially for people age 50 or above. The application process was simple and the issued life insurance policy is easy to read and understand. Thank you Protective Life Insurance for all your help.
Clint Sparks
Feb 23,2021
The process was smooth.
Gordon Hanson
May 01,2020
The process was fast & easy
Tyler Underwood
Nov 09,2018
Protective Life made the application and interview process simple and easy. I was able to do everything I needed online and my application was processed quickly.
Sam Dupre
Jun 08,2018
Several times during process there seemed to be significant confusion as to what needed to be done or lack of communication.I am not so sure that some of the issue is the IT organization or design within Protective.
David Robbins
Jan 14,2018
Very easy to work with.
William Springer
Oct 17,2017
looked out for my interest. gave me better rate.
Joseph Colburn
Oct 02,2017
great life insurance company very quick coverage for me
Timothy Schofield
Sep 07,2015
The service was great!
Kristi Nash
Jan 17,2015
It was a very long process. Bad experience.
Elizabeth Iciano
Jun 12,2014
It was easy, simple, and convenient.
Christopher Tracy
Dec 24,2020
Very straightforward application process
Anthony Fuller
Sep 12,2020
The team made it straight-forward to apply for—and receive—life Insurance.
Joshua Friedman
Dec 06,2019
Prudential is a great company and they gave me exactly what I was looking for.
Caitlin Padgett***
Oct 21,2019
I'm good to go now. It took a bit to get set up, but should be easy breezy now!
Jennifer Brooks
Jul 15,2019
I had an excellent experience. My quote was accurate. I am overall extremely satisfied with my experience with Prudential thus far!
Victoria Hartford
Jul 11,2019
It was an easy and fast process.
Katherine Slover
Nov 13,2018
fast process, life insurance at a great rate
Daniel Baertsch
Aug 01,2012
Handled very professionally and was done relatively quickly.
Lawrence Varady
Oct 18,2011
Very positive process and experience.
Giancarlo Perossa
May 08,2011
Very good service. I appreciated getting the results back for the physical.
Mary Whitworth
Apr 25,2011
It was ok but very slow
Regina Pajuelo
Apr 16,2011
Very prompt and they let us know step by step where our policy was in the underwriting process.
Melissa Erickson
Jul 06,2020
Very simple, all online and over the phone.
Sylvia Donnell
Apr 21,2020
My initial rep completely dropped the ball. I had to start completely over with Brandon.
Brenda Jones
Jan 29,2020
I feel like this was a very speedy and honest process and I am very pleased with the way it went down. Thank you
Harry Leach
Jun 29,2021
Excellent customer service!
Chris Davis
Jun 01,2021
Incredible service with the most kind caring agent who worked to meet all our needs!
Alexander Gray
Apr 29,2021
Taylor is amazing! He made me feel really appreciated and was so helpful in finding me the right policy. Way to go.
Beatrice Patterson
Apr 07,2021
Great experience, easy application process, very convenient.
Katelynn Seefeldt
Feb 18,2021
Great experience with a very reasonable rate!
Brandon Jewell
Jan 20,2021
Very awesome Jennifer was very helpful
Miajia Turks
Dec 28,2020
great service and stuff
Mike Litwiller
Dec 23,2020
Working with Taylor was a breeze! He made something that seems so complicated seem so straight forward, I’m really grateful for his help.
Alyssa Doot
Dec 22,2020
Very easy, painless process!
Anook Neal
Dec 12,2020
My agent Jenn Plisch was essential to me finishing my process on time to close my loan. She was super professional and answered all of my emails in a timely manner. I will definitely recommend true lie to my colleagues.
Ayanna Coleman
Dec 08,2020
see comments listed @Aaron
Russell Markman
Nov 22,2020
The application process was smooth, but the my signed application was not downloaded at their end properly. This delayed the process couple of days and couple more phone calls. TrueBlue handled that nicely though.
Hasib Uddin
Oct 13,2020
Easy, fast and painless.
Carmen DeMatteo
Oct 06,2020
Very Easy come on now thos lady is automatic. That should be her name she is amazing like granny's apple pie.
Brandon Williams
Sep 18,2020
quick easy and smooth
Ross Spiritosanto
Sep 18,2020
My experience through the whole process was fantastic. I got walked through everything without a glitch. This company definitely was the easiest and most expert of everyone that I interviewed. They were also one the least expensive choices available. 10 STAR RATING.
Carl Todd
Aug 06,2020
Jen goes above and beyond. Always available when needed.
Jaclyn Apolinario
Aug 04,2020
He helped with 2 policies and answered all my questions and even taught me some things I didn’t know. Would recommend to my friends and family! Thank you !
Christopher Tull
Jul 01,2020
My experience applying for sagicor life insurance seemed like a lot of steps to go through but that may be normal (my first time), but the price of my quoted policy is a great premium!
April Friedrich
Jun 06,2020
My experience with TrueBlue was excellent. All representatives were very courteous and went the extra mile for me
Rod Mazzone
May 25,2020
Simple, fast and thorough!
Bryan Schwab
May 07,2020
True Blue Life insurance is a great company. Jennifer helped me through the whole process by phone. She was excellent. She is very experienced, and answered all of my questions. She helped me get the right policy for my needs without trying to oversell, or spend more money. When you call true blue ask to talk to Jennifer Plisch she's the BOMB!
Carl Todd
May 05,2020
Great alacrity. Appreciate electronic approval process.
Robert Lucas
Apr 29,2020
Process was simple and easy, thanks to my insurance agent.
Gloria Rivers
Apr 25,2020
I was responded to quickly and f/u with a monthly cost and details of the plan
Lois Grissom
Apr 23,2020
Aaron Udell made applying for this insurance easy and told me that you are a good company to deal with and the process went smoothly
Daniel Fuller
Apr 20,2020
Jennifer was extremely patience with me.. I will give her 888 stars if I could.... Answered all my questions and was super understanding... Thank YOU JENNIFER PLISCH YOU ARE THE BEST AGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lashonda Requell Powell
Apr 16,2020
My agent was nice and informative.She got me a great quote that I can afford. Thanks Jen
Cynthia Spillers
Apr 15,2020
Awesome Service! From start to finish I can’t complain!
Stefanie Powers
Apr 08,2020
Awesome. Easy and fast.
John Silva
Apr 08,2020
Trouble free and instant approval with no visit to the doctor
Jeffrey Bergen
Apr 06,2020
Jen made the process very easy. She was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Will recommend her to anyone looking for life insurance.
Sanam Sarahbi
Mar 27,2020
My experience applying for life insurance was really easy and straightforward.
Saddi Leach Sr
Mar 26,2020
Thank you for your excellent service. You and the team was very kind, courteous and professional.
Justin Choi
Mar 26,2020
Very easy and straightforward process.
Mary Kriegsfeld
Mar 23,2020
simple process easy to follow
Roberto Lepre
Mar 20,2020
The underwriter did email me with a question regarding a doctors visit I had forgotten, but that did not bother me at all. The process was quick and I am satisfied with the service and policy I have received.
Crystal Folks
Mar 18,2020
Easy, clear, no b s. I liked it
Dana Johnson
Mar 04,2020
Simple and Easy Thanks Jen
Marcus Schuette
Mar 02,2020
Very simple and Easy process~
Laura Schuette
Feb 26,2020
Mixed feelings here. First, everyone I have spoken to at Sagicor has been extremely courteous and genuinely want to help. The missteps have come on the technology side (i.e. their website). While they kept showing they needed my premium payment before my policy was in force, I had actually paid the annual premium 4 times as their website would never give me a confirmation and I kept trying. After a few frustrating days everything got worked out.
Hal Hardy
Feb 23,2020
Super easy and everyone was helpful.
Joshua Trisko
Feb 18,2020
The process was painless and much faster than I expected. Rates were very competitive.
Megan Antal
Feb 15,2020
affordable insurance.
Maulik Patel
Feb 12,2020
Having an agent on the phone was very helpful. In today's world of online purchasing you rarely get good service like I did.
William Belser
Feb 05,2020
Jenifer was extremely persistent in looking at all of the possibilities to get me approved on a difficult $500,000 policy. She got it all done in one evening. We drafted the payment the next morning and we were done. Great job.
Craig Binks
Jan 30,2020
Seamless experience from getting quotes to signing up.
Michael (Mike) Bonifacio*
Jan 22,2020
It was a very easy process handled over a phone call.
Suzanne Jones
Jan 08,2020
Very good insurance policy without medical exam.
Thanh Nguyen
Dec 30,2019
I would refer friends and family to this company. Good experience
Roshelle Campbell
Dec 18,2019
Excellent! Great team of the company, agent, and operator like clean slate.
Justin Choi
Nov 29,2019
It was fast process I was really impressed
Mmapatjane (Esther) Masemola
Nov 17,2019
Great experience. Nikki was great to work with. The process and simple and fast.
Alex Parayil
Oct 24,2019
Great service, fast turn around!
Angelica Adams
Oct 02,2019
Very easy process! Not to much information and quick and easy.
Brandon Marasco
Sep 27,2019
Super easy process!
Erik Mayer
Sep 25,2019
Very easy process! They were so patient and helpful. Very thorough about everything!
Samantha Johnson
Sep 24,2019
Jen was very knowledgeable and helpful during this process. She stayed in contact with me the whole time. She made the entire process painless and very efficient.
Belinda Adair
Sep 11,2019
Roland was great! A very pleasant experience and quick response
Marc LaBella
Sep 03,2019
My agent was efficient and kept me updated with progress.
Ana Lee
Aug 30,2019
One thing for sure I was not happy was that I got the life ins process done for my new policy at the end of August, and since the month of August almost was over;but the ins still charged me for it. I think that the month was almost over. The ins should not charge me for the month of August.
Melanie Moua
Aug 29,2019
Overall experience was efficient, thorough and professional. Jennifer was helpful an explained product clearly. Overall rating is 4 out of 5.
Jeris Mitchell
Aug 26,2019
Jason was friendly, experienced and very reliable.
Idiana Morales
Aug 24,2019
It was good, it took a long time for my application to process because of an error in my medical history however true blue team was very regular to follow up the progress with me and I am very happy with their professionalism.
Vikas Saraswat
Aug 23,2019
Straight forward. Prompt.
Taimur (Tim) Zuberi
Aug 22,2019
Great job. Great company
Robert Grottke
Aug 19,2019
Efficient and courteous!!!!! Jennifer was excellent
Renard Smith
Aug 12,2019
I would have preferred to just be able to decrease the amount of insurance on our existing policy, rather than apply for a new policy. I've been able to do that with a different insurance company by just signing a single form, which takes almost no time at all. Other than that, the experience was smooth.
Gordan Teel
Aug 12,2019
It was a good process with a good result.
Karl Makinen
Aug 08,2019
The process was painless and simple. I couldn't have asked for anything more.
Stuart Cohen
Aug 05,2019
The application process was relatively reasonable and with the right agent, painless.
William Garvin
Jul 31,2019
Everything went very smooth. Super easy to do. Im glad i went with Sagicor.
Shawn Haynes
Jul 30,2019
Service and the entire experience was wonderful! Thank you Jason, once again for impeccable service.
Inamul Butt
Jul 30,2019
Straightforward and easy process.
James (Jim) Burke
Jul 29,2019
Process was fast and easy!
John Westberg
Jul 20,2019
the entire application process was seamless and easy for me I was very impressed with it.
Stephan Daniels
Jul 12,2019
Excellent service! Thank you Jason!
Katie Goeser
Jul 11,2019
The experience was just as advertised. It was painless, pleasant and very professional.
Patrick O'Malley
Jul 08,2019
It was swift and effective
Juvens Jules
Jul 03,2019
Great! Very pleasant.
Jerry Elliott
Jun 24,2019
Just changed our address.
Douglas Stackhouse
Jun 21,2019
Fast, friendly, affordable, quick and easy experience obtaining life insurance.
Kimberley Murray
Jun 19,2019
Very knowledgeable and help me through every step.
Jacob Rench
Jun 14,2019
Quick and easy process.
LaTaunya Wright
Jun 12,2019
Fast and convenient!
Alexander Beaty
Jun 07,2019
The application process took a while but we were informed every step of the way about what was going on.
Justin Gibson
Jun 06,2019
The process was quick and easy.
Rene Lopez
May 24,2019
Great and easy experience
Ben Halluska
May 22,2019
Thank you for everything you did
Firas Maidaa
May 16,2019
Very knowledgeable. Awesome service
Joseph Stoddard
May 16,2019
My agent Nikki was Outstanding!! Very professional and genuinely nice.The process was simple and Nikki explained with detail which made it easier for me. Thank you Nikki, your Rock!!
Sophia Pee
May 06,2019
The process was easy and informative.
Sheena Cauthorn
Apr 27,2019
The application process was straightforward and fairly simple.
Damien Gooch
Apr 26,2019
Process was quick and easy.
Brian Momeyer
Apr 25,2019
Ken was extremely helpful. Thank you Ken!
Brian Miller
Apr 24,2019
Great experience! Simple and affordable
Eric Cowart
Apr 16,2019
It was very easy, not complicated at all.
Jacqueline Tetreault
Apr 08,2019
it was quick and painless even for someone without much computer savvy
Fred (Pete) Ries
Apr 02,2019
Excellent. Very straightforward and efficient.
Thomas White
Apr 02,2019
Nikki did a exceptional job helping me find a insurance policy that fit my needs. She was very courteous, professional,and patient. Thanks Nikki!!!
Keondre Holloway
Apr 01,2019
It took awhile to get everything approved, but otherwise a good experience!
Joy Phillips
Mar 26,2019
Applying for life insurance through True Blue was easier than I thought! The agent was accessible and knowledgeable! All-in-all a positive experience for me!
Carolyn Flynn
Mar 23,2019
It was a alot longer & more involved than we expected.
Laura Campbell
Mar 22,2019
Very smooth and simple. All questions were answered promptly. Nothing felt rushed or pushy.
Christie Gibson
Mar 21,2019
Application process was straightforward.
Jorge Torres Jimenez
Mar 21,2019
Everything went great
Whitley Brown
Mar 20,2019
The process was very easy. We visited with Jason on the phone too do it was a very professional yet personable experience.
Jessica Musch
Mar 17,2019
Better than expected! Super fast and easy
Heather Bedrosian
Mar 17,2019
Everything went quickly and smoothly
Robert Block
Mar 14,2019
Remarkably fast time for the policy to be in place.
Patti Peterson
Mar 13,2019
Jason was very helpful and responsive. I didn’t think it was possible to get life insurance so quickly and easily. Thanks...
Richard Corbyn
Mar 10,2019
Nikki at True Blue was excellent helping me with signing up for my policy.
Andrew Johnson
Mar 07,2019
The application process went very smooth Everything was explain step-by-step anytime I had a question Jason would call back answer what ever Question I had .
Jesus Valencia
Mar 06,2019
Jennifer is very knowledgeable regarding insurance and made it easy to make a buying decision.
Brant Lara
Mar 01,2019
Easy as could be and did not take nearly as long as I had expected it to take.
Brandon Jewell
Mar 01,2019
The experience was very easy and painless
Brooke Harris
Feb 27,2019
Easy. Convenient. Great system.
Tamara Yergensen
Feb 27,2019
Affordable and efficient!
Chao Lin
Feb 25,2019
Ken made the process hassle-free.
Brian Bernier
Feb 24,2019
Good guy and very helpful
Harris Hastings
Feb 21,2019
Good experience. Jason rocks!!
Tony Cox
Feb 17,2019
Sagicor was very cooperative and patient as I looked at several other companies to find the best price and policy to fit my needs.
Craig Dean
Feb 15,2019
Cheryl was very helpful and informative and the application process was very simple and straightforward. Highly recommend!
Dexter Nails
Feb 12,2019
I elected not to go with Sagicor for my life insurance needs, but the quote process was very helpful, and the staff was friendly.
Christopher Lee
Feb 07,2019
I like them because they do not have to do a health check and order for you to be qualified I work out of town a lot and this was very convenient They have great prices for the insurance
Robin Allen
Feb 07,2019
I am very pleased with the life insurance policy that Sagicor helped me secure. Jason made the whole process very simple for me which was definitely appreciated!
Stephen Chiu
Feb 06,2019
For the short amount of time I have been dealing with Sagicor (Life Insurance Company) I am pleasantly surprised on how informative and helpful they have been. I will not hesitate to recommend them from the experience I have received from them thus far.
Shanan Malony
Feb 06,2019
Easy application and process
Jessica Szuberla
Feb 05,2019
Excellent service highly recommend
Brent Friedman
Feb 05,2019
The premium rate was good but Sagicor asked me a medical exam when it advertised that it did not require one. I ended up not taking the medical exam. I wish Sagicor communicates better with its customers.
Agnes Kim
Jan 27,2019
Awesome very good experience
Paul Van Oosbree
Jan 25,2019
Sagicor Life Insurance worked with our agent Jason Alper to quickly issue us a policy and complete the collateral assignment required for our SBA loan. We were able to hit all our dates because they worked so diligently to assist!!
Diane Stamatelatos
Jan 22,2019
Jennifer was a pleasure to work with
John McDevitt
Jan 19,2019
Jason did a great job with my family and I. He helped us with exactly what we needed. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for life insurance.
Riley Weber
Jan 18,2019
Even though i am just a term policy customer, these are monthly charges. And in charging monthly, you should be able to provide a charge to the customer on a monthly basis
Roxanne Orme
Jan 17,2019
Rapid response. Clear and concise information
Jessica Taylor
Jan 13,2019
I am pleased with the company!
Jennifer Mock
Jan 10,2019
so far so good, new customer so don't have much to add
Bart Crockett
Jan 07,2019
The experience was fantastic!!
Fadra James-Miles
Jan 04,2019
A new customer, but so far the experience has been good.
Charles Willcox
Dec 23,2018
They offered the policy I needed at a reasonable price
Curtis Hawthorne
Dec 19,2018
Very fast and efficient service
Michele Reidy
Dec 14,2018
Easy to deal with. Email for signature really nice.
Mark Kruse
Dec 13,2018
Experience expectations met all around. Thanks Jen!
Brittany Collins
Dec 11,2018
I have had no xperiences with this company to be able to give a educated opinion other than they issued a policy
Richard Burrola
Dec 03,2018
Excellent!! Very fast great customer service
Christopher Holten
Nov 30,2018
It was faster and talk to nice people. It was an excellent opportunity for me.
Sarpong Nelson
Nov 27,2018
The process was quick and easy. I think the prices are fair. Jen was very easy to contact and nice to work with.
Bridger Harrison
Nov 21,2018
So far everything has gone very smoothly
Terry Keating
Nov 21,2018
So far my experience has been fine. I do not have enough information to rate the company beyond this.
David Andrade
Nov 15,2018
Great job, completely satisfied
Brooke Marston
Nov 15,2018
Great company. Always helpful and prompt when calling or chatting.
Kristin Holts
Nov 13,2018
Very satisfied and easy to understand the process and policy.
Monty Merkin
Nov 12,2018
We were very pleased with the whole process. Thanks!
Jeffery Nagy
Nov 07,2018
Really easy, no issues I can think of
Keith Axsom
Oct 30,2018
I am very satisfied with the process and practices of Sagicor.
William (Michael) Longoria
Oct 16,2018
No problems, everything went smoothly.
Benjamin Hickman
Oct 13,2018
Quick and easy process.
Lance Dominguez
Oct 13,2018
Very easy experience. Ken spent the time to make sure everything was right and the approval came very quickly.
Jason Perry
Oct 11,2018
Great- can’t complain. Prices for the policy are fair compared to others.
Victor Barbee
Oct 07,2018
Very easy to deal with and no hoops to jump through.
Troy Crews
Oct 07,2018
I am satisfied with the services that was provided by the company.
Janether Bryant
Oct 06,2018
Excellent to work with. Great prices and wonderful staff to work with!
James Carling
Oct 05,2018
Just received policy but so far so good! Fast turnaround time from application to policy in force!
Caleb Garrett
Sep 18,2018
good plans and fast approvals
Marcus Smith
Sep 15,2018
Just activated my policy. Hoping moving forward for great customer service!
Linda Medaris
Sep 14,2018
Excellent, informed and very helpful in educating me on what products were available in my price range Very satisfied
Pamela Senft
Sep 14,2018
So far so good. Have no complaints - great experience overall
Christopher Neal
Sep 14,2018
So far so good. Underwriting process was quick and painless. Documentation was clear and easy to complete. Premium rates were higher than a competitor I had used previously (and who made me an offer after activating the Sagicor policy) probably because I was classified into a more advantages risk class by the competitor.
Billy Campbell
Sep 13,2018
So far so good...timely with the documents.
Andrew Bell
Sep 10,2018
Quick decision. Good follow up
Haitham Matloub
Aug 29,2018
I was extremely pleased how easy it was to get my life Insurance policy. Love that I didn’t have to go through the hassle of a medical exam.
Kimberly White
Aug 29,2018
My experience so far has been good.
Kevin McKinney
Aug 27,2018
Just started but so far so good. Look forward to a long and mutual beneficial relationship.
Cara Schmidt
Aug 22,2018
Just signed up with them. So far everything is great. Process was easy thanks to Jen!
James Love
Aug 21,2018
Simple and easy process, with good rates
Alex Van Dyke
Aug 20,2018
Great experience made it very pleasurable
Lisa Morris
Aug 16,2018
Great Company, Great Staff, Very quick and super easy process. I applied for a term insurance with Sagicor and within only few days I got my policy number and confirmation email. Not to mention, prices are very reasonable as well. Definitely recommend them.
Ferid Ahmedi
Aug 11,2018
So far so good. It's only been a few days, but again, a low competitive rate made it an easy decision. Overall process was fast and easy, and I am happy with the results.
Natalina DePhillips
Aug 07,2018
Great rates and easy process
Edric Sinson
Aug 03,2018
I just joined, but so far everything seems to be good.
Mark Sheerin
Jul 30,2018
Received my policy within about 1 week of that's fast!
Anne Azarewicz
Jul 30,2018
Excellent service and simple process.
Adam Jameson
Jul 25,2018
Quick issue. Fast and efficient. Would recommend
Matthew Newsome
Jul 19,2018
Great experience so far.
Kelci Dotson
Jul 09,2018
So far everything seems fine.....
Jacob Collier
Jul 08,2018
5 stars, excellent Insurance company. Great products to fit my needs, great price and quick approval.
Jerry West
Jul 05,2018
It was quick process which was nice
Caleb Boese
Jun 27,2018
Very easy to deal with.
Bridget Babcock
Jun 26,2018
They were able to get me a policy that was better than initially hoped for.
Nicholas Horvath
Jun 26,2018
So far, so good. Happy with the policy offered.
Robert Cook
Jun 22,2018
easy process and fast approval
Spring Sallo
Jun 18,2018
Excellent !!!!!! fast great costumer service !!!
Arturo Aleman
Jun 01,2018
Great very quick and easy
Genell Prokop (Seekamp)
May 15,2018
I bought life insurance from them.
Justin Fisher
May 07,2018
Sagicor’s easy application and approval process made getting life insurance a breeze. Their rates were very competitive and helped me save quite a bit.
James Lear
May 07,2018
Very quick and very convenient.
Michael Perry
Apr 30,2018
So far so good. It was an easy online application process and quick turn around through underwriting.
Dustin Fleece
Apr 27,2018
Application process was very simple.
Konto Chan
Apr 26,2018
Have not had to have any interaction with company (hope I don’t have to either)... but no complaints
Dusty Lawson
Apr 17,2018
Simple quick. Everything was done online.
Thomas Keil
Apr 13,2018
Great products! Really happy with the benefits I was able to qualify for!
Josh Schneider
Apr 11,2018
Sagicor processed my application for Life Insurance very quickly and I'm glad that I could do everything electronically.
Kashif Habib
Apr 07,2018
So far, everything was quick and easy. I am satisfied at this point.
Joseph Grabowski
Apr 06,2018
It all went along smoothly during acceptance and policy completion. Filling out info on line I think help speed the process up and more efficient.
Lois Grissom
Apr 06,2018
So quick! Was a great experience.
Yolanda Jameson
Apr 05,2018
Easy process and fair rates!
Roman Kozik
Apr 05,2018
Very easy, very fast, and very professional. Thank you for helping secure my family future and giving me peace of mind.
William Walton
Apr 05,2018
Great company to deal with, the whole experience was easy and straightforward. I have a lot of peace of mind now that I know my family is protected with a life insurance.
Richard Lanza
Mar 28,2018
Very satisfied, agent was helpful, but not pushy. Really wanted to help us.
Edward Staples
Mar 16,2018
Super easy and very friendly service. Thank you!
Paul Brohmer
Mar 13,2018
Sagicor was very quick on their underwriting. They also kept to their qualifications for the rating class I received. Other companies had not. They offered a preferred rating without an exam, then requested one even after being told about certain medications up front.
Joseph Woods
Mar 13,2018
5 STAR all the way fast and very helpful
Frank Queen
Mar 06,2018
The monthly cost was incredible and everything was very smooth and easy.
Victor Gomez
Mar 05,2018
Very easy process- had policy issued within a week
Matthew Garzia
Feb 28,2018
Outstanding Service!
Brian Karolewicz
Feb 28,2018
My overall experience with Sagicor was good though I thought their response time was not as fast as I thought it would be.
Joshua Smith
Feb 28,2018
Great price for policies though the initial interaction seemed a little slow.
Cheyenne Smith
Feb 22,2018
Sagicor life was the easiest and fastest insurance company I have ever applied with. Highly recommend!
Kelly Pantell
Feb 18,2018
Very good. I would recommend.
Jamie Behrens
Feb 13,2018
Again, my agent made the process simple. No complaints with the provider.
Scott Durnell
Feb 09,2018
The application process was easy with very competitive rates..
Joseph Kirst
Feb 09,2018
Love it, very fast and convenient
Bagavdin Akhmedov
Feb 08,2018
Only new but im sure they will accomidate my insurance needs.
Cynthia Cooper
Jan 29,2018
The process was smooth and hassle free
Daniel Petrbok
Jan 29,2018
Very good! Fast easy
Joe Singletary
Jan 25,2018
Great experience and no hassles
Lisa Silveira
Jan 22,2018
Outstanding service and very professional..
Edgardo Reveron
Jan 18,2018
Not much to say. I haven’t dealt with Sagicor directly but policy seems fair and reasonable.
Dustin Botta
Jan 17,2018
Great...quick application simple experience
Melanie Thompson
Jan 16,2018
What I was needing and looking for my family.
Randy Gibson
Jan 16,2018
Good customer service.
Lucia Landman
Jan 09,2018
The agent was amazing.
Dawn Papple
Jan 05,2018
Great. Appreciate it all. Good stuff. Can not complain.
Todd Jenkins
Jan 03,2018
Great rates very easy to deal with overall pleasant experience!
Susan Serra
Dec 15,2017
The experience was simple and was completed as advertised. First insurance company to actually do what it said it would do .
Craig Goodson
Dec 15,2017
Sagicor has great products at very competitive prices. Sagicor and True Blue Insurance make a great team!
Dawn Mays
Dec 13,2017
Excellent! So far so good.
Sandy Moore
Dec 13,2017
Very comfy. Thank you for taking care me and my wife
Itai Mor Yosef
Dec 06,2017
Inexpensive product that offers peace of mind to a young mother on a tight-budget. I thank you for that <3
Desiree Riley
Dec 04,2017
Good life insurance company satisfied with the service
Jose Orozco
Nov 15,2017
The company approved me within minutes and issued the policy within a day. Could not have asked for better service. All done online. Very smooth and easy to navigate.
Louis Trotta
Nov 08,2017
Great experience.. easy process and timely response.
Joshua Docken
Nov 07,2017
Overall rates were good and was easy to shop for a policy.
Joseph Mazey
Nov 05,2017
Excellent. 5 Stars. I’m very happy & appreciative of Jennifer helped, support in processing my application. Highly recommended.
Rosalie Isahac
Nov 03,2017
Very fast easy service and policy issued within a few days.
Lisa McLaughlin
Oct 27,2017
The application was easy to fill out and I got approved quickly.
Stephanie Joyce
Oct 27,2017
Same as above. great experience as we in America should have with our own
Randy Gunter
Oct 20,2017
Easy process! Great prices and options. Quick turnaround.
Matthew French
Oct 20,2017
Reponded to my application very quickly.
Karen Suarez
Oct 12,2017
Very pleased with the expediency and ease of obtaining a life insurance policy that met my needs. Would highly recommend to anyone
James Thompson
Oct 12,2017
Sagicor was very timely and efficient in providing approval on my policy. I received an approval email with access to my policy in less than 3 days. Thank you!!
Arlynda Almond
Oct 05,2017
Excellent customer service
Patrick Brachmann
Sep 28,2017
Quick and easy coverage.
Amy Leigh
Sep 20,2017
Very happy with the information and rate I was given.
Joseph Marrone
Sep 20,2017
My experience with this agent was excellent I think she's a wonderful person she was very kind and very helpful
Scott Shook
Sep 20,2017
I worked with Jen Plisch. She was very professional and extremely helpful. Her knowledge of your products was superb! She was very patient with me and my many questions and explained everything so it was so simple! Thank you Jen !
Oscar Vindas
Sep 16,2017
I have not experienced any direct contact with Sagicor at this point, as I am only a new policy holder. However, I read their policy material in detail and felt it was straight forward and honest. I am also very happy with the rates I was given for my 20 year term.
Adam Van Ostenbridge
Sep 12,2017
All went well and the policy was processed quickly. No complaints of any kind.
Tim James
Sep 11,2017
This is our second year with Sagicor and we are very satisfied with our rates/policy. We really like the family-like feeling that Sagicor projects.
Michele DelOrefice
Aug 29,2017
My experience was great!
Andrew McAllister
Aug 23,2017
From start to finish the process was very quick in getting approval, I highly recommend Sagicor!
Patrick Lee
Aug 22,2017
We used the online application which was quick and easy to fill out and we receive a prompt response after submitting it. We also like their Financial rating and highly recommend the company to obtain life insurance from.
Natalia Fisher
Jun 27,2017
Very pleased!!! The entire process from start to finish went quickly and smoothly!!!
Elbert (Bert) Turner
Jun 27,2017
I was approved at Sagicor Life Insurance Company. I'm looking forward to being a customer for a long time. Sagicor, will not ask you to take a Medical Exam. They ask medical questions and personal questions also. It's a fast and easy process.
Mamie Lewis
May 25,2017
So glad to find a company that gives you what you want at a good rate.
Lavaun Ingram
May 18,2017
Great, straight forward sounding policy
Ronald Lively
May 17,2017
very good, pleased with the service so far.
Eric Good
May 01,2017
to this point I am satisfied but wish they had of sent a paper policy to me so I did not have to copy from the computer.
Michael Elliott
Apr 29,2017
Sagicor offers the best rates for no medical exam term life insurance. Very happy with the service provided so far. I feel that my beneficiaries will be well taken care of. Thanks!
Robert Pike
Apr 28,2017
Thank you for your approval Sagicor!
Allen Freeman
Apr 26,2017
Solid! So easy to get life insurance, I still can't believe it!
David Maryland
Apr 25,2017
The pricing was competitive and the approval process was easy and efficient.
Kristopher Pendl
Apr 03,2017
as far as i know they are a very fair company with better rates that all the others i checked into.
Robert Phillips
Mar 29,2017
This is the first policy with them, so I hope it goes well and is worth the 5 starts!
Ashlee Quintanilla
Mar 16,2017
So far I find that is Sagicor is an outstanding company
Jeffrey Merritt
Feb 13,2017
I have not yet dealt with them directly but I am anticipating not having any issues.
Lisa Rudenstein
Feb 06,2017
100% satisfied whole experience was terrific
Charmaine Harden
Feb 06,2017
Very very pleased with all aspects.
Cory Zebell
Feb 06,2017
Outstanding I would refer to others.
Tracy Burns
Jan 20,2017
everyone was very informative and helpful
Colby Classon
Jan 06,2017
I had a good and the process was easy
Abiola Falana
Dec 22,2016
Really great approval turn around. Great attention to new customers, Although waiting now on printed policy.
Cynthia Cooper
Dec 13,2016
The policy was detailed and clear. There was a small glitch in the system with one of the e-forms, but they worked through it until a solution was found.
Robert Cook
Dec 01,2016
I have not had any problems, everything was delivered as stated.
Shari Heaven
Nov 17,2016
I had a very positive experience and feel like Sagicor is a safe company to do business with.
Randall Mays
Nov 14,2016
The company provided all documents in a timely manner as promised. Very pleased with the overall services you all provide. Thanks
Clarence Cocroft
Oct 14,2016
My agent was helpful and prompt with all needs. Great experience.
Krystin Marsh
Sep 20,2016
Sagicor provided me with the service that I needed.
Oscar Rodriguez
Aug 23,2016
Very fast approval time
Donald Zemonek
Aug 08,2016
prompt, easy to use. Faxed in required information, obtained documents and I mailed the premium
Kubini Keyes
Jul 21,2016
Don't know yet; just started my policy with them.
Kenneth Ramirez
Jun 21,2016
The process was easy and the insurance quickly approved.
Naomi Reynolds
Jun 16,2016
So far so good. Your assistance in providing such security is greatly appreciated. Thank you
Rachel Bolds
Jun 13,2016
good prices, easy to fill applications
Gabriel Villanueva
May 27,2016
I am totally satisfied with Sagicor.
Maria Valle
May 12,2016
My service was great , fast and I feel secure .
Mary Binkley
May 05,2016
Good. Bob was a very nice guy.
April Stubblefield
Apr 25,2016
Seems very good, though I just started so so-far-so-good. Thank you!
Dustin Botta
Apr 22,2016
Seems good. Quick response to the application process.
David Paquette
Apr 21,2016
I will recommend this company
Stephen Speelman
Apr 15,2016
great deal on a policy that fit my needs
Charles McNally
Apr 11,2016
Excellent. Easy application and fast responses.
Jessika Russell
Apr 07,2016
Simple and easy, exactly what I wanted.
David Carlson
Apr 05,2016
No complaints at all.
Logan Lewkow
Mar 31,2016
We got the policy we needed at a very reasonable price. It was an easy process. Very pleased!
William Norris
Mar 14,2016
Pleased with our experience
Vicki Werner
Mar 05,2016
Am completely satisfied and recommend tho company and my agent to everyone
Fred Haner
Mar 02,2016
So far so good, everything seems to be fine.
Kelron Sykes
Feb 29,2016
Everything has been good this far.
Vishinsky White
Feb 22,2016
As a new policy holder I've had a positive experience. I feel they have an overall good price range and prompt service. Would recommend based on my experience so far
Alysha Little
Feb 16,2016
Great. I am happy with your service
Sheila McHughes
Feb 12,2016
Price was very competitive and product (Insurance Policy) was delivered quickly.
Bradley Pippin
Feb 11,2016
I am sure I will be satisfied.
Debra Ball
Feb 10,2016
It was a very good experience. We got the coverage and everything was explained very well.
Jose Duenas
Feb 10,2016
I'm glad I was able to get affordable insurance for both my wife and I.
Derrick Blackmon
Feb 08,2016
excellent everything on time .
Dhimant Patel
Feb 06,2016
Very impressive compared to others. Very speedy process in the application. Very satisfied!
Gary McClain
Feb 05,2016
Very good so far. I got a fair rate on a nice policy.
Randall Schultze
Jan 25,2016
So far, so good. Haven't experienced any negative issues.
Larry Knerr
Jan 21,2016
So very pleased with the outcome. Our representative was right on it. Thank you for your service .
Clayton Couch
Jan 19,2016
I had a very good experience with the agent
Karen Johnson
Jan 15,2016
Good experience, streamlined process
Lowell Farnsworth
Jan 11,2016
Premium was auto-drafted twice instead of once for the first premium. I had to make a couple of inquiries, but my agent, Bob Young did get it taken care of.
David Lebron
Jan 11,2016
easy to work with. hopefully wont have to use the product
Michael Hill
Jan 08,2016
Very smooth process and quick acceptance of application. Couldn't be happier with the transaction.
Paul Garcia
Jan 08,2016
Prompt delivery of documents and impeccable service.
Timothy Barnett
Dec 24,2015
Received policies in a timely manner.
Gregory Berthume
Dec 22,2015
Excellent bob was very beneficial in procuring insurance
Lonnie Posey
Dec 04,2015
this was so easy and very excellent services
Loree Lindsey
Nov 20,2015
I was very pleased for excellent service!
Eun Hwang
Sep 28,2015
Excellent at this point in time.
Kent Wardell
Sep 28,2015
Sagicor was fast getting my application approved. Very happy with the plans they offered.
Jim Lochner
Sep 14,2015
very informative and helpful during the process
Joey Gillespie
Sep 14,2015
Received my paper copies of my policy promptly. Have had no other interaction with Sagicor since then, but payments are withdrawn as scheduled each month with no issues.
JoAnn Knight
Sep 14,2015
All seems good, approval process went well, trust I never need insurance.
Russell Davis
Sep 11,2015
great highly reccomend
Don Remig
Sep 08,2015
The experience was a good one.
Barney Alston
Aug 07,2015
I am pleased with Sagicor Life Insurance Company.
Josiah Crandall
May 29,2015
I am satisfied with Sagicor life.
Charles Meggss
May 21,2015
Thus far I have all good things to say about Sagicor.
Stephen Davis
May 21,2015
It was great! Everything went well and it made the whole business of buying life insurance as painless as possible.
Charles Ward
May 21,2015
Was quick an easy to get life insurance.
Jeremy Gerk
May 21,2015
Just getting started, but I pray for a great relationship !
Robert Miller
May 19,2015
great price completely satisfied after shopping around
Paulette Schubat-Shipway
May 18,2015
A little delay in paperwork, but overall very satisfied with the process and the end result.
James Sullivan
May 18,2015
Awesome. The gentleman that helped me, was fantastic. Great customer service.
Alberto Vega
May 18,2015
No issues, got the requested life insurance in a timely manner.
Kevin Mathieu
May 18,2015
excellent great company
Martha Vance
May 18,2015
Very good experience and easy to get done
Michael Bossert
May 17,2015
I am very satisfied with Sagicor as a whole. I received my policy in a very short time. Jason followed up with me
Janet Chandler
May 16,2015
Martin Wenthe
May 16,2015
quick & easy process
Luray Rominger
May 15,2015
Wish they had an online pay option. Otherwise service has been satisfactory.
Eric O'Reilly
May 15,2015
excellent fantastic service
Kelsey Robinson
May 06,2015
I got the rate I was quoted and it was done very quickly.
Michael Walters
May 06,2015
The company provided excellent feedback by both email and written communication through mail.
Winston Broadbell
May 05,2015
After some research they looked reputable. I'm very pleased with the company. I compared around and Sagicor was great. The pricing was very good.
James Stotts
May 01,2015
Did not get the rating I wanted. It was a quick turn around and I do have a nice policy.
Neil Slattery
May 01,2015
It is hard to say how good they are until I need them to pay the death benefit.
Holly Bonsal
May 01,2015
I have had no problems with them so far.
Alan Olson
Apr 06,2015
The process was quick and I was happy with the price. I did not have much interaction with Sagicor which makes it hard for me to provide feedback.
Stephen Chiu
Apr 06,2015
They were helpful. There were some billing issues and they got worked out quickly... everything is good to go.
Conrad Mitchell
Mar 31,2015
I was glad I could get everything finalized quickly. Nice and easy.
Brittany Smith
Mar 31,2015
The process was fine. No complaints.
Arriell Pinkston
Mar 11,2015
Very efficient And professional
Martin Lawless
Feb 17,2015
Too early to tell-but so far see no problems or issues--only filling out since it is required.
Michael Pooler
Feb 12,2015
I was sent all the information and it went well. Very happy so far.
Samuel Pastella
Feb 02,2015
Very smooth. A quick phone call and signature. Did not take much time at all.
Renee Boyle
Feb 02,2015
They provided exactly the terms quoted. No surprises. They were very unobtrusive. They delivered the policy as expected.
Allen Gebauer
Jan 22,2015
Very fast friendly service
Michael Mortensen
Jan 19,2015
Lisa Fusaro
Jan 12,2015
Good, nothing to really report
Melissa Gates
Jan 08,2015
Great. I called them to change my checking information and it took just a couple of minutes.
John Bryant
Jan 08,2015
Sagicor was recommended to me by my agent. I don't have an opinion yet as I have not had to contact them.
Edward Yang
Sep 11,2014
So far the process has been very easy and straight forward. The documentation provided was concise and easy to read. Also, Sagicor Life Insurance Company was able to provide me with the best rate.
Nathan Klintworth
Sep 11,2014
excellent, superior the best of the best
Rufus Rich
Sep 11,2014
Sagicor was quick and courteous and met the needs of what I wanted. The agent with whom I worked did not try to push me to other things I did not want or need and I got the policy quickly and as expected. It was what I was looking for with no other problems.
Robert Gmeiner
Sep 11,2014
excellent very good company
Joyce Rich
Sep 11,2014
excellent very good service
John Payne
Sep 11,2014
very good service superior
Demonique Duckworth
Sep 11,2014
It was very easy to apply for my insurance. I liked being able to change the life insurance amount and see the premium price for each amount and how much I would be paying quarterly semi annual and annual. Also offering no medical policies was a big plus.
Lynn Cox
Aug 26,2014
Nothing but good feelings. No issues with the policy.
Shanon-Thomas Eaton
Aug 26,2014
I give them very high rating. The policy came in very quick. I had to call to change the effective date and the response time was very good and I was able to speak with a live agent. I like being able to speak with a live person.
Natan Naider
Aug 26,2014
It was easy, fast, I liked it. No hassles. Just how I like it.
Sherrie Torgerson
Aug 19,2014
A very easy and fast way to get what I needed...very helpful salesman and agent!
David Brace
Jul 31,2014
My only experience with Sagicor so far was receiving my policy very quickly. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the automated process.
Joseph Weikle
Jul 31,2014
I called on a whim and got the policy issued with 48 hours. It was very quick and easy.
Frank Morello
Jul 18,2014
No problems. Nobody has died so it is hard to give a complete review.
Jeffery Champion
Jul 18,2014
Everything that I did was through the agent. Everything was fine. No issue with anything.
John Hunter
Jul 03,2014
It was very easy. I read through all the info on the company and it was a no brainier.
Amy Phillips
Jul 02,2014
The process was quite easy and with my agent Gerry it was a very satisfying experience.
Leon Fisher
Jun 22,2014
Excellent and fast! Super nice agent.
Michele Shannon
Jun 09,2014
No issues at all. Everything went smoothly.
Ron Dossey
Jun 03,2014
Every ting was great. The only thing was I never heard of the company, so I did a little research and was very satisfied with the company and policy.
Leonard Egdish
Jun 02,2014
It was great. Straightforward. Enjoyed that no "bait & switch"
Marian K Jackson
Jun 02,2014
It was great. Like the way could few the quotes and select type of insurance online.
Chester L Jackson
May 23,2014
Prompt, comprehensive, and very courteous.
Thomas Curtis
May 16,2014
Great product. Got issued and came very quickly. Everything was completed in less than a day.
Edward Whitehead Jr
May 08,2014
Very good. I liked that I did not have to do a medical exam.
Ryan Skahill
May 07,2014
Very fast and convenient.
Duran Perry
May 06,2014
So far so good. The experience was great dealing with my agent Gerry.
Michele Lee
Feb 14,2014
Very easy and quick!
Marc Anthony
Feb 14,2014
Very easy and quick! Not stressful and the people were very polite.
Jan Anthony
Apr 06,2021
Quick and easy process.
Bidur Shrestha
Dec 03,2020
True Blue offers exceptional rates that no other insurance company can top. Great choice.
Terry Stubbs
Nov 29,2020
The process was thorough and transparent. I would highly recommend working with SBLI for the A+ communication and the policy matching what was promised.
James Russo
Nov 24,2020
Excellent experience
Perla Ong
Nov 01,2020
This by far was the best experience I have ever had applying for life insurance. Effortless, affordable and professional. Excellent policy at a great price. Thank you.
Linda Kisciras
Oct 13,2020
Easy and quick! Basic
Courtney Featherstone
Oct 07,2020
Daniel and Jill were so nice to work with. Professional, quick service, great life insurance policy. Top rate
Lisa Wilson
Oct 02,2020
Applying for life insurance was a very quick and easy process.
Natalie Hutchinson
Sep 26,2020
My experience was great
Ladeasha Wheeler
Sep 24,2020
The process was very easy and it was all completed over the phone. I spent 30 minutes and within a week I was notified of my approval.
Tim Sundy
Aug 12,2020
Excellent, appreciate the customer service. A+
Ramon Chacon
Aug 11,2020
Great experience. Was there for any question.
John Glenn
Jan 29,2018
Very slow on getting medical records and reviewing
Chris Greenwood
Jan 19,2018
Smooth transition satisfied with plan options
Lawrence Montz
Jan 15,2018
My expireance was great
Gilda Cardenas
Dec 21,2017
Good phone interview Patience Knowledgeable
John Tarvin
Dec 07,2017
I am quite pleased about the affordable rate that I received from SBLI for my term life insurance policy.
Caleb Dunning
Dec 07,2017
Very professional and knowledgeable.
Charles Gomez
Nov 02,2017
Very satisfied with the rate I ended up with for life insurance
Mitchell Tuggle
Oct 18,2017
Excellent Cheryl was truly excellent and she cares about her clients. And I have recommended her to several friends and family at my place of employment .I just wish she would send out business cards to her clients.
Sandra Taylor
Oct 16,2017
Great experience overall. Helpfull through the process of obtaining records.
Brandon Churchman
Sep 14,2017
I found the process to be efficient and streamlined, which was a significant factor in proceeding with the policy.
Mark Charlton
Jul 29,2017
Jen made the process comfortable and smooth. She was so kind and professional. In her evaluation of my needs, I felt like she had my best interest in mind.
Thomas Naumann
Jul 24,2017
Very professional and answered any question I had.
Logan Lewkow
Jul 24,2017
Easy process and great rates
Maranda Allen
Jul 17,2017
Simple affordable and all seemed smooth in application process
Curtis Ford
Jun 28,2017
Great experience and would recommend to anyone
Chad Schipper
Jun 28,2017
Quick & easy underwriting process.
Kevin Kolipinski
Jun 25,2017
Positive experience. Everything was explained well. Great customer service!!!
Sara Ferguson
Jun 22,2017
Customer friendly, I was given the chance to get the necessary information I did not have handy in a patient manner by the person who interviewed me.
Raj Daniel
Jun 20,2017
Policy was issued as promised
Diana Kofler
Jun 15,2017
Very helpful. Collected information. Issued policy.
Gregory Webber
Jun 14,2017
I just got my policy, so I haven't had much interaction with SBLI yet. But, if how quickly my policy was put into place is any indication of the future service I receive, I will be pleased.
Mary Thrash
Jun 07,2017
Very Professional , they communicated with me when needed and they answered all of my questions.
Brandy Madden
Jun 06,2017
So far so good, thanks for turning this around fast.
Mathew Rudig
Jun 04,2017
My experience with SBLI was impersonal, but very efficient. They did exactly what they needed to—and acted very quickly—beating their own deadline for the underwriting process by at least a couple of days.
Steve Rupp
May 30,2017
I received excellent service from SBLI.
Robert Miles
May 29,2017
Good .. very easy process..very help full... Thank u
Joseph Stachowiak
May 26,2017
Painless process, very professional and the final rate was lower than quoted!
George Lau
May 24,2017
I am very satisfied.
Rachel Moore
May 23,2017
Good. Carried the products I was looking for.
Thomas Henry Brackett
May 22,2017
Great! Rep was kind and helpful during the interview process.
Anna Scantlin
May 19,2017
It was a great and super easy experience.
Victor Velazquez
May 14,2017
Just recieved policy so everything is fine so far
Chris Jenkins
May 08,2017
Awesome company. Glad to be a part of it.
Jeanette Horn
May 06,2017
Good company! Fast process will refer my friends!
Robert Mefford
May 04,2017
10 is being the best
Lisa Simmons
May 04,2017
no complaints, responsive to requests
Ron Quan
May 02,2017
I thought it was great
Michael Bird
May 01,2017
Great company, no hassles and easy process!
Michael Gibbons
May 01,2017
excellent and friendlier
Sagar Deo
Apr 24,2017
It was easy great response time and great coverage for the price and know wasted time
Mark Cusano
Apr 18,2017
It was seemless. Easy, quick and exactly what they presented. No tricks. What we were led to believe we'd get is exactly what we got. So many companies lure you in with promises but then don't deliver. SBLI is the real deal.
Michael Houck
Apr 13,2017
Good. A bit neutral on them as I did not have much interaction with them.
Ernesto Ramirez
Apr 11,2017
Very satisfied-just recommended to you to a friend
Devon Derry
Apr 10,2017
Exceptional service and reasonable prices
Maureen Kersey
Apr 10,2017
Wonderful experience
Melanie Hendrik
Mar 24,2017
Excellent company with great options. Process was incredible.
Derrek Cummings
Mar 13,2017
10 out of 10. the process went very smooth.
Gerald Hendrik
Mar 13,2017
Super easy process! Would definitely recommend.
Garrett Noakes
Feb 18,2017
Very limited contact thus far, but satisfied overall.
Ronald Castro
Feb 06,2017
Easy to work with and very helpful
Debbi Wedel
Feb 03,2017
It was excellent, everyone was very professional
Thomas Dias
Feb 03,2017
Very cut and dry process.
Andrew Cohen
Jan 31,2017
Excellent service and good price.
Kevin Diquattro
Jan 30,2017
Process was as stated. Happy that I was able to do the process alongside a busy life!!
Rosemarie Buckley
Jan 17,2017
Medical interview was pretty quick and right in line with how the interviewer explained it. Approval was pretty quick even though it was over Christmas, New Years holidays. It took the amount of time the interviewer explained it would take. after approval, signing paperwork was all over email and was very quick. After signing and returning the docs, the policy was sent via email the next day. Would highly recommend. Seems like a great company.
Michelle Moore
Jan 09,2017
It took awhile for the approval
Maria Protacio
Jan 05,2017
Clear understanding of the intake/policy issuance process. Made it convenient to get a policy without taking time away from work/family.
Nicholas Maselli
Dec 29,2016
Satisfied with the service and coverage expenses.
Cheryl Schmuhl
Dec 08,2016
William Wyatt
Oct 26,2016
Overall really good experience. Took longer than expected though for underwriting, as they had to obtain multiple approvals for getting access to medical records (but that was out of their control).
Loralie Bruce
Oct 20,2016
Jen and Sherri were great to work with and made a stressful process much less stressful! I appreciate them taking the time to answer all of my many questions. I will refer others to them for their insurance needed. THANK YOU!
Tasha Vandal
Oct 10,2016
Very friendly and easy to work with
Kevin Owen
Sep 30,2016
Great service. Nice staff.
Jeffrey Herinck
Sep 19,2016
Overall process could have gone a little smoother, but in the end they gave me a better health rating and a lower premium than originally quoted. I'm very happy
Corey Milligan
Sep 10,2016
Excellent! Rep gave me great info.
Jennifer Strauss
Aug 26,2016
the whole experience was easy and everyone was a pleasure
Jason Cosimano
Aug 22,2016
Very simple and affordable
Troy Roberts
Aug 05,2016
All process is automated with a quick turn around - highly recommended. service -A Price - A
Alvin Guzman
Aug 04,2016
Quick to respond and keep apprised of what is needed, or the next steps!
Toni Linden
May 15,2019
Jennifer was great she keep me updated throughout the process.
Felicia Williams
Mar 27,2019
Jennifer was amazing! She made the whole process easy and fun!
David Blair
Feb 15,2019
Very easy and fast.
Joseph (Dan) Keyser
Jan 13,2019
Very efficient and easy.
Josefina Rocha
Nov 02,2015
easy and efficient and reasonable cost.
C aren Dworkin
Aug 19,2014
Easy to get in contact with. It was difficult to get some medical documents transferred though.
Betty Brown
Jul 10,2014
The process was easy, underwriting was quick, and the policy was delivered with no glitches. Delivered as promised.
Marc Grad
Mar 23,2020
Easy and effortless to navigate.
Philip Kraus
Aug 20,2019
It was seamless. Jason was great (see more about my comments on him below) and the woman who took my info and read all the “fine print” legalities was fantastic. An incredibly painless experience - highly recommend!
Karen Hartline
Mar 19,2019
Slow take payment. But great service.
Angelic Bully
Mar 08,2019
The best experience!!! You guys gave me hope when I was hopeless. Thank you
Noni Brooks
Jan 23,2019
It was very good. I am satisfied.
Lawrence Thelen
Feb 07,2018
Thank so much for all your help.
Ted Purvis
Dec 18,2016
The agent was very helpful and done an excellent job helping me to find the right life insurance coverage!
Stephanie Campbell
May 27,2021
Jennifer is the best! She answers all my questions and is very sweet.. We are lucky to have her as out agent!!
Wendy Deal
May 21,2021
Cheryl made the process fast and easy!
Derrick Rogers
May 06,2021
Applying for Life Insurance was super easy and very quick!Thank you! D’Ann
D'Ann (Ry'Leigh) Deleon (Vela)
Apr 19,2021
Excellent experience with Jennifer. She was very helpful. I would definitely recommend her.
Dale Flemming
Mar 15,2021
Easy and convenient approvals
Bishop Davis
Mar 14,2021
She was very helpful and knowledgeable and friendly.
Jermain Washington
Feb 01,2021
She is very kind and efficient.
Baronne Barth
Dec 23,2020
Jennifer, was excellent at the question I were needing help with. She was friendly, nice, an a huge relief. I will pass on her information to some more senior’s in need of help with insurance. Thank you for being so kind a helpful. Tammy Jackson
Tammy Jackson
Dec 19,2020
Aaron Udel was very helpful and had all the information I needed. He was also very professional. I would recommend to anyone looking to buy insurance. He made it much easy for me to decide.
Brenda Hagemann
Dec 14,2020
Aaron was absolutely wonderful to work with! He took the time to answer all my questions and made the process so smooth. I am very happy I took the time to answer the call from him! A definite asset to your company!
Camilla Senteneri
Nov 29,2020
Jennifer plisch is excellent salesman you have a keeper hang on to her
Kim Turpin
Nov 24,2020
Taylor and Kathy were amazing. They made the entire process simple and painless. Their knowledge and professionalism was incredible and I will be recommending them to all my family and friends.
Stephen Decrescenzo
Oct 16,2020
Great,very helpful easy
Clair Ashley
Sep 24,2020
It was pleasant and Mrs. Jen was very helpful.
Mason Garmer
Sep 11,2020
Excellent experience a lot of different policies so you can get the one that fits you the best
Gregory Smith
Aug 21,2020
It was a very fast and easy process.
Jeffery Hampton Jr.
Jul 03,2020
The process was user friendly and the customer service was high quality!
Kevin Wilson
Jun 28,2020
Ford King
May 10,2020
Excellent!! Being insured in the company give me peace of mind. My family is protected in case anything happens. The application process was very fast and easy.
Justin Choi
Apr 23,2020
I have been a client of Jennifer for a long time, and I have always received impeccable service. She is a true professional, and always makes sure that her clients are satisfied and receive the best service possible. She also makes everything very clear and easy.
Tammie Davis
Apr 09,2020
It was a walk in the park
Michael Gollihugh
Mar 31,2020
Very smooth process.
Antoinette Moore
Mar 31,2020
Easy and fast with no problems!
Chad Billingsley
Mar 18,2020
My experience was excellent with no problems.
John Carradine
Mar 10,2020
Very good, seamless process..
Timothy Fitzpatrick
Jan 18,2020
Fast easy reliable and efficient
Sheila Estes
Dec 15,2019
My experience with Cheryl was excellent, she has a very good personality with clients.
Roger Miller
Oct 03,2019
Jennifer Plisch worked hard to get the affordable term life coverage that I needed when everyone else either told me I was uninsurable or wanted to put me in a table rated policy. Thanks a bunch!
Eric Mutnan
Aug 27,2019
Simple and easy. I like the docusign.
Gary (Renard Jr.) Smith
Aug 20,2019
Was easy and thorough.
Timothy Hart
Aug 20,2019
I’ve spoken to many insurance agents in my life, but none more knowledgeable and caring, than Jen Plisch, a true professional.
Robert Librizzi
Aug 13,2019
Great experience applying for life insurance. Easy application and all went quick and smooth.
Tammy Stehnike
Aug 13,2019
Jason Alper provided excellent service in October 2018. He guided me through my options and was very clear and patient. It is now August 2019 and I called him because I needed information regarding my policy. He assisted, without hesitation! I'd give him six stars if I could!
Sushan Arora
Aug 02,2019
The process was painless. If I had only known how quick and easy it would be I would have called long ago.
Lyle Turner
Jul 01,2019
Easy process with Jason Alper.
Jake Edwards
Jun 27,2019
Excellent experience with application process
Joel Gordon
Jun 08,2019
The phone interview was tedious, but end result was worth it.
Amanda West
Jun 06,2019
A great term product and a very fair price!
Bradley Prestwich
May 25,2019
fine everything in timely manner
Jay Opre
May 02,2019
Mutual of Omaha is a well established company. Want you to know that Jason Alper was very helpful and caring. Thank You all getting my family and I the security of have a great coverage we hope we never need but if we do then my family is covered. Thanks Anthony Stine
Anthony Stine
Apr 26,2019
Jason made the process really understandable and comfortable. I'm wasnt sure how to go about selecting a policy and he helped make it a breeze.
Leah Pufahl
Apr 22,2019
Ken was great. He was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend his services.
Roni Kaufman
Mar 18,2019
Obtaining life insurance was very easy with True Blue - we had tried other sites and the process was confusing and difficult.
Carol Woodyard
Mar 17,2019
Coverage is great. Price is reasonable.
Casey Thompson
Mar 06,2019
From the use of the policy search and quote service online to the clear and pain-free application by telephone to the notification of approval, True Blue came through with flying colors. My agent, Jason, and all of the staff were consistently caring, knowledgeable, and helpful in every way. I don't see how you could go wrong with True Blue.
Richard Miller
Mar 05,2019
The whole process was very easy. I received my policy in less than 2 weeks.
William Barrett
Feb 27,2019
GREAT EXPERIENCE... could not be any easier.
Sonia Caraballo
Feb 27,2019
Took a while to get all necessary papers but they helped the whole way
Mary Mick
Feb 25,2019
Easy process. Easy to understand
Kalliopi Annenos
Feb 13,2019
Fast easy efficient
Randy Miles
Jan 22,2019
Response was prompt and overall the experience was easy.
Kierstyn Hayducka
Jan 19,2019
Excellent tambien , quick and painless
Steven Borg
Jan 14,2019
Fantastic service. Jason was patient and worked with us on every question and concern we had.
Roy White
Dec 18,2018
Mutual of Omaha was excellent
Joliyah Walker
Dec 18,2018
No real experience yet, but so far, so good!
Carrie Walker
Dec 15,2018
Good experience with wonderful Agent.
Nancy Young
Dec 14,2018
Very good!! I am happy with the service.
Melissa Alain
Dec 14,2018
Loved Wild Kingdom.....
Neil Mitchell
Dec 10,2018
Once again, my experience with Cheryl was excellent. She helped me find a policy for my son through Mutual of Omaha.. Then once it was all approved, Mutual of Omaha followed up with me and let me know my policy was approved. Overall, my experience with True Blue, Cheryl and Mutual of Omaha was painless and quick. Thank you everyone!
Nathan Grover
Nov 21,2018
Good rates and good service.
Charles (Brittney) Leach
Nov 20,2018
HVe not heard from them besides my independent agent. However approval was fast and simple!
Christy Kim
Nov 17,2018
I'm pleased to have my policy with Mutual of Omaha - they have a wonderful reputation and they've been in business for years!5 Stars
Lisa (Hazel) Arnel
Nov 05,2018
Very pleasant people to talk to
Jeffrey Ludwig
Oct 12,2018
Awesome overall experience!
Violeta Cudal
Sep 28,2018
my overall experience was awesome and encouraging.
Fred Otabor
Sep 28,2018
Fast approval, good rates
Michael Biafore
Sep 27,2018
Very affordable and amazing customer service.
Princess Ofordile
Sep 14,2018
Professional and fast in approval.
Clara Orosco
Sep 07,2018
Very satisfied with the insurance agents and coverage
Bobby Staggs
Sep 06,2018
John Slater
Aug 23,2018
Very Good. Mutual of Omaha speaks for its self.
Alese Bennett
Aug 14,2018
Approved me for the amount I was needing at an affordable price.
Joe Ferguson
Jul 30,2018
Good so far. Only my first month so I haven’t had to call over any issues.
Gavyn (Tiffany) Weeks
Jul 17,2018
Quick and easy set up
Aaron Dryer
Jun 22,2018
100% awesome very nice person quick and kind.
Scott Lumley
May 30,2018
Excellent, thank you very much.
Ralena Wright
May 13,2018
Jason was the best agent with whom I have ever dealt!!!!!
Charles Etzweiler
Apr 30,2018
My experience has been great.
Duel Foreman
Apr 20,2018
Thank you for providing a life insurance policy that was so easy to obtain. A simple interview by phone took care of everything!
Linda Whiteman
Apr 05,2018
Wonderful experience will work with this company again
Myra Williams
Apr 04,2018
Fast processing and quick to meet our needs
Mylan McDowell
Apr 03,2018
Fast in getting insurance approved.
David King
Mar 25,2018
Very hard to believe they could not accept my credit card payment. Had to do a bank draw. Should be a very simple transaction.
Steven Lutke
Mar 13,2018
So far so good! I will be a life loyal customer!
Terry Schoolmaster
Jan 26,2018
Jen was extremely helpful and patient. It was a pleasure working with her
Billie Oliver
Jan 25,2018
They have great productd
Scott Shook
Jan 25,2018
Very satisfied Nothing to complain
Mersila Justin
Jan 11,2018
I am very pleased with my policy and the customer service from Jennifer Plisch.
Jamaal Davis
Dec 29,2017
Good coverage for what I need
David Williams
Dec 26,2017
Great company so far
Cheryl Lund-Haddock
Dec 22,2017
Great product and very good experience!Best Regards, Barry Simmons
Barry Simmons
Nov 30,2017
I have only gotten an email stating that I was approved but nothing in the mail yet. They have a pretty good reputation though.
Twana Phelps
Nov 29,2017
Great insurance company !!!!!!!
Markeith Meadows
Nov 25,2017
I already have a couple policies with Mutual of Omaha, so this last one fit right in.
James Moore
Sep 18,2017
Easy Transactions. Very Good
Tong Tran
Sep 14,2017
Best price for the same policy quoted by another company.
Melissa Wheeler
Aug 18,2017
I don't have much to say right now as it's a new policy but I can say I like their prices
Nicole Jarvis
May 29,2017
Easy. Great experience.
Timothy Robbins
May 03,2017
We have not really had any dealings yet with the company but the prices are affordable. I would rate them at the top.
Shirley Schwebs
Apr 05,2017
Mutual of Omaha has been great to work with, good product and good services.
Amanda Alley
Jul 14,2016
Omaha approved application quickly and mailed policy information right away
Ivonne Arrieta
Apr 28,2016
Service, information and experience was excellent.
Robert Wichert
Jan 22,2015
As expected. Professional
Mary Owens
Mar 25,2021
My experience applying for life insurance was easy and straighforward with no surprises.
Shayla Johnson
Nov 18,2020
Overall very good experience and very pleased
Robert Sangalli
Oct 08,2020
There were some issues with miscommunication or computer glitches. Appointments made and then changed and alot of waiting. The people themselves were all wonderful, friendly and eager to correct issues.
Alicia(Kelly) Day
Jun 26,2019
Pretty easy and straight forward. Communication amongst everyone involved was good.
Shawn McDonell
Jun 20,2019
App process was painless. When there was a issue getting the docs they needed, they stepped in and made it happen and foot the bill for the paperwork requested. I’d highly recommend them to anyone.
Richard Resto
Oct 25,2017
Very satisfied, everything on time.
Ajay Kumar
May 22,2017
I would recommend them to anybody
Richard Resto
Apr 21,2011
Good company that kept me up to date on the whole process. My only complaint is that the process took a long time.
John Hynd
Jun 24,2015
I was very happy with the service.
Russell Johnson
Jun 10,2015
Excellent process and customer service!
Guido Valerio
May 21,2015
Provided the insurance that I needed at a fair price
Billy West
Mar 31,2015
So far I am happy. 4 stars is as high as I can rate because I had the policy only a short time.
Michael Harton
Feb 15,2015
very good and as a new customer I will not hesitate to pass along the word to other interested parties.
Dennis Shank
Feb 13,2015
So far, so good. I receive everything through email, and my payment is automatically deducted - so there's no real contact with the company at this time.
Tari Hendrickson
Jan 29,2015
Very satisfied! The agent was very cooperative in each of my needs I'm very satisfied with your company Thanks!
Jul 11,2014
The process has been really smooth. For my age and what I do for an occupation they did really well. Being all electronic the process was amazing. Would like to have the policy longer before awarding 5 stars.
Jason Corbat
Jul 10,2014
Very easy and hassle free. Excellent experience.
Michael Vassell
Jul 10,2014
Good rates and easy process.
Gary Pack
Jun 13,2014
It was fine. I didn't deal with the company very much as everything was done very quickly. I received the policy right away.
John Madey
Mar 27,2014
It was very easy to get the insurance. Much quicker than I had expected. I am very happy.
Charles Grayson
Jun 07,2021
Great job. Great information.
Wiley Barber
May 20,2021
Wonderful, questions were easy to answer and signing was made simple through email.
Joshua (Josh) Ehrat
May 20,2021
Very easy to get, would recommend Gerber.
Caleb Ehrat
Apr 30,2021
Great everything was explained and the service was great
Mary Sherlock
Dec 15,2020
Nikki was very helpful and explained the entire process. She made the experience of shopping for insurance manageable and not pressured or stressful
Angela Williams
Dec 04,2020
Good response. Easy experience since info was already stored from previous purchase. Quick approval, good price, friendly salesperson. True lue has been a very pleasant experience for me and a good value.
Deborah Malins
Oct 22,2020
Jen was phenomenal, the process of getting insured was easy and affordable. Outstanding customer service, very personable while still professional. 10/10 would recommend.
David Gibbons
Sep 10,2020
Danny was very knowledgeable and searched for the best policies that fit my situation and budget.
Kathleen Long
Sep 09,2020
Thank you Gerber for making the experience smooth and easy.
Luisa Lashley
Sep 09,2020
Seemed easy over the phone!
Linda Ullman
Sep 01,2020
Excellent service and we'll inform on the policy. Thank you for your help. Rick
Ricardo Ebia
Aug 18,2020
I had an excellent experience. Jennifer Plisch was very helpful and knowledgeable.
Teresa Strickland
Jul 15,2020
Process took longer than expected but overall experience was positive.
Desmond Lincoln
Jul 14,2020
Very easy to apply! We also got a great price.
Diana Gomez
Jul 03,2020
It was made very easy and not intimidating to get insurance with Jennifer Plisch. Thank you for a Great experience. Kim
Kimberly Callan
Jul 03,2020
Easy to understand all of my options
Stacy O'Farrell
Jun 26,2020
Very wonderful awesome agent
Bridget Riley
Jun 10,2020
Great. Process was easy and fast. No long wait and communication efficient
David Nyaosi
Jan 30,2020
Cheryl made the process quick and easy, very professional!
Nancy Yow
Nov 29,2019
very positive and useful
Andrew Mezurecky
Oct 04,2019
It was and is an Awesome experience, Ms. Walker was very pleasant. I really appreciate the service that was provided, thank you.
Geraldine Brown
Aug 26,2019
The application process was easy.
Janet James
Aug 20,2019
Very pleased with true-blue
Joann Orr
Jul 08,2019
Jennifer made the process smooth and helped with all my questions.
Sandy (Samuel) Bertrand (Jackson)
Jun 26,2019
Jen was amazing and really found the best option for me. Jen walked me through the whole process and made it easy for me.
Naweza Ruhana mirindi
Jun 17,2019
Great price for the piece of mind
Anthony Nino Mancuso
Jun 12,2019
Awesome customer service.
Franklin Adams
Jun 11,2019
It was fast and very professional. Appreciate the good service
Dallas Wohlfeil
Jun 11,2019
She was nice to help me out a lot
Joshua Hernandez
Jun 08,2019
It all went pretty smoothly.
Charles McKee
Jun 02,2019
Was very please with the everything I love Gerber life insurance prices are very reasonable will always recommend them thank you
Douglas Yoder
Feb 07,2019
excellent always there for any type of question
Linda Mourkakos
Feb 07,2019
fast and accurate trustworth
Nikolaos Mourkakos
Jan 24,2019
Very courteous and helpful.
John Perez
Dec 29,2018
So far so good. Haven’t had to use it yet.
Lawrence Thelen
Dec 27,2018
Fast application process.
Wanda (Tangela) Mcgee
Nov 26,2018
Easy and quick! Received confirmation via personalized note.
Jerry Carrillo Ortiz
Sep 25,2018
Great product for my need. Thanks.
Gerard Reyes
Aug 14,2018
excellent, and satisfied
Donald Holder
Aug 08,2018
It was a simple and easy process. Stress free!!
Rick Tyrell
Jun 25,2018
tbd - hasn't kicked in yet.
Peter Farrell
Jun 08,2018
Everyone has been professional and friendly. I would recommend this company for others to purchase their life insurances policies from.
Sue Williams
Jun 04,2018
Best fit my needs on life insurance
Linda Johnson
Apr 29,2018
Great help in time of need, awesome working with my agent. Couldn’t of been more happy with the service.
Toni Maxwell
Apr 23,2018
I’m glad Gerber had a package for my family. Thank you.
Rebecca Brookins
Apr 17,2018
Professional experience
Michael Nichols
Mar 01,2018
Too early to tell. All seems fine.
Lisa Epifanio McGovern
Feb 27,2018
its ok the customer service could be more helpful.
Gregory Carter
Jan 13,2018
Agent is very friendly and she gets the paperwork done quickly
Bobby Staggs
Nov 18,2017
The transaction was easy to execute.
Nicholas Brown
Nov 03,2017
I have Gerber life for my children, I never thought I would insure myself with them but they offered a good rate and were easy to deal with.
Curtis Lewis
Oct 31,2017
Faith Simpson
Oct 23,2017
Fast and easy application process, and well priced!
Ashley Pearson
Oct 11,2017
I'm very satisfied with the policy I received through Gerber Life Insurance.
Frederick Taylor
Oct 08,2017
Gerber provided me with the type of coverage I need at a reasonable price. Definitely worth it!
Marianne Daniel
Sep 20,2017
Excellent rates and coverage.
Pai Thao
Sep 20,2017
I worked with Jen Plisch. She was very professional and extremely helpful. Her knowledge of your products was superb! She was very patient with me and my many questions and explained everything so it was so simple! Thank you Jen !
Joy Pellizzari
Sep 20,2017
Jennifer Plisch was our Agent and was very knowledgeable. She had a lot of patience with us and answered all of our questions professionally and thoroughly. She helped us pick out the policies that were right for our family. I highly recommend her for helping you decide what your needs might be. Thank you Ms. Plisch .
John Pellizzari
Sep 17,2017
I didn't even know about this kind of policy. Great info and love the policy
Justin Ryan
Sep 12,2017
Great policy at a great price.
Nicole Jarvis
Aug 18,2017
This was my first insurance policy, and the process was fast and easy!
Venus Pitts
Aug 08,2017
So far I have had excellent service! I had a recurrence of cancer and am currently undergoing treatment. I was looking to see if there was any insurance available for me. True Blue took my information and a Insurance Broker called and told me about Gerber (YES, Gerber's Guaranteed Life). I was able to get $25k life insurance. There are a few stipulations, and I have not seen the policy yet, but the service was excellent and I assume it will all go as stated! Thank you Jennifer Plisch, your assistance and compassion is greatly appreciated!!
Kerry N Zenich
Jun 12,2017
Great customer service!
Heather Moore
Jun 05,2017
Very helpful- quick to respond and got the application submitted right away.
Charles Rosenblum
Oct 13,2016
So glad to be a customer. Thanks so much!
Emily Lee
Aug 15,2016
I need to set up my preferred payment plan by writing a check each time it is due, and not set up to have it charged to a credit card. That is more of an expense with the interest charges added on to the cost of the policy.
Earnest Oblander
Jul 21,2016
In one word, excellent service!!
Yolanda Camarena
Mar 31,2016
Reasonable pricing made this policy the best deal.
Lestine Bowen
Mar 30,2017
5 starts. So easy and you can still talk to a real person.
Gretchen Murray
Sep 14,2017
Cheryl was a very effective and knowledge agent for Fidelity. You are fortunate to have her on your team. Alan
Dwight Funk
Feb 23,2017
Exactly what I needed at a great rate
Justin Cardella
Jul 16,2021
The easy steps from start to finish.
Cruz Jimenez
May 15,2021
The process was quick and painless and the agent understood exactly what kind of policy was needed based on the information provided.
Wilfred Richardson
Apr 13,2021
The process was easy to understand. Also I got covered no problem.
Antione James
Mar 22,2021
Taylor is an excellent agent. The process was easy.
Shataura Gresham
Feb 26,2021
Great Insurance company
Steve Kacer
Nov 17,2020
Nikki was awesome! True to her word and very helpful with making sure I understood the plan!!!
Mo McDaniel
Apr 13,2020
Easy application and fast acceptance
Brandon Bing
Jul 17,2019
Just begin with this service, so far, it's been great. Received my package and will keep up to read and understand more of the process.
Papani Faafolau
Apr 30,2019
Very easy on boarding me with the services I wanted. Jason was amazing . Highly recommend
Justin Villines
Mar 29,2019
Ken is very knowledgeable of the insurance process and trustworthy. Thanks Ken for staying in contact and following up with me!
Amyla Danzey
Jul 04,2019
It was a nice quick process and I’m am very happy with the results
Randall Cates
Jun 01,2019
It was brief but thrall I received all the information I needed and started my policy so my loves would be ok after I’m gone.
Christopher Johnson
May 16,2019
It was good,I didn’t have any problems.
Tina Sanders
Feb 01,2019
Awesome, Nikki was very friendly and explained everything and even accommodated my schedule
Thomas Ginyard
Oct 24,2018
Would like to have access to account on line.
Michelle Capone
Jul 17,2018
Very satisfied with the overall experience . Five stars
Karen Owens
Jun 27,2018
Always superb customer service!!
Derrick Walker
Jun 13,2018
The overall very informative with no lapse in time consciousness.
Maurice Grable
May 31,2018
Great. Seems legit so far.
Yvette Chambers
Mar 26,2018
it was outstanding! Jennifer was easy to work with and flexible with my schedule!
Sonia Garza
Mar 05,2018
Easy peasy. Couldn’t be any easier.
Ronald Packard
Mar 02,2018
5 stars!! Would recommend to anyone needing life insurance.
Ava Hagler
Feb 28,2018
Thank you for your great products!
Karen Kabandama
Feb 27,2018
Wonderful! It was easy to work through, and pretty straight forward.
Teenesha White
Dec 12,2017
So far I am happy with selecting 5 Star Life Insurance Company. Everything is still all new for me hopefully no problems in the future.
Felicia Carter
Nov 14,2017
excellent professional
Casandra Kavanagh
Aug 03,2017
The price seems good and the process is easy. Let's hope I never have a claim.
Andrew Scaife
Jul 25,2017
Cheap. Haven't really experienced anything else yet but can't beat the price.
Alisha Gordon
May 23,2017
So far so good. Product seems to fit my needs.
Benjamin Wood
May 01,2017
Great company, very pleased.
Giselle Holland
Apr 27,2017
Excellent service. Thank you.
John Davidson
Apr 14,2017
This company is willing to go the extra mile.
Joe Kaczmarek
Feb 24,2017
Great policy for the price
Bobby Staggs
Feb 02,2017
very unique excellent customer service
Rammond Jones
Dec 29,2016
Easy and fast transaction.
Gerald Lucy
Nov 07,2016
Extremely satisfied with the professionalism of my agent Jen.
Markam Larrua
Sep 26,2016
Very good insurance.
Desiree Malouin
Aug 18,2016
Super fantastic!! My wife and I will definitely recommend.
Derrick Walker
Aug 08,2016
Thomas LaPlant
Jun 13,2016
Fast and easy! Loved the online access and fast quotes.Will recommend to family and friends.
Patricia Nelson
Feb 27,2016
So far, so good. The policy is new, so I don't know if any issues will arise in the future.
John Adamonis
Feb 19,2016
The process was great, and the service thus far was great.
Tracy Mitchell
Feb 16,2016
My experience was a smooth and easy one
Ivonne Arrieta
Feb 05,2020
The application process was a little long but only because of the underwriters but overall good
Taka Harmon
Jan 30,2020
Extremely great customer service
Antonio Fulton
Oct 02,2019
Great !! Easy process and follow up
Lauren Smythe
Sep 04,2019
My experience with True Blue Life Insurance was very satisfying Nikki,Kathy and Julie worked hard to get me what I needed and kept me informed and answered all my questions quickly and professionally
Ronald Weaver
Jun 29,2019
This entire process was straightforward and easy. I knew what I needed and thankfully Nassau Re was able to provide it to me at a reasonable cost.
William Segal
Jun 13,2019
Application process was great!!
Marva Mosby-Gordon
Apr 16,2019
NIKKI Walker took the time to explain to me different options and was wonderful to communicate with with..she great at job....i am so grateful for NIKKI helping me and I strongly recommend her.
Steven Efferin
Apr 12,2019
Jennifer was great to work with and very knowledgeable.
Thomas Niedermayer
Mar 16,2019
We chose a different Insurance Provider.
Dawn Small
Mar 12,2019
The experience was fairly straight forward and not hard.
Andrew Shashy
Mar 04,2019
Very easy application process!
Francis Kordalski
Feb 05,2019
Good insurance good price
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Jan 27,2019
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Gagan Puranik