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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review

A Healthy Paws pet insurance plan covers your pet in the event of an accident, emergency, or illness, such as cancer or a genetic condition. It is available for dogs and cats under the age of 14 years with no pre-existing conditions.
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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review

Who is Healthy Paws?

Healthy Paws is underwritten by ACE Property and Casualty, a Chubb company. ACE is a financially stable worldwide insurance company that consistently receives an A.M. Best rating of A++.

Here are some fast Healthy Paws facts:

  • #1 customer-rated pet insurance. Since 2010, Healthy Paws has been the top customer-rated pet insurance, protecting over 450,000 pets. The company’s commitment to pet health is reflected by the Healthy Paws customer center’s quick response time, simplified claims process, and easy to understand policy provisions.
  • One annual deductible and NO maximum payouts! With a Healthy Paws insurance plan, there is no maximum annual or lifetime payout and only one annual deductible. Other pet insurance companies have determined ceilings and restrict the amount they will pay out per year, or even per visit, which means more cost (and stress) to you. Healthy Paws wants you to have total peace of mind knowing that your furry pal is covered no matter how many medical treatments they’ve undergone in one year—and you won’t be expected to pay a deductible each time.
  • No obscure costs Healthy Paws has zero hidden costs, so once you pay your premium and your annual deductible, it’s all covered. No surprises!

Are all pets eligible for Healthy Paws insurance coverage?

Healthy Paws plan covers pets with no pre-existing conditions. Plans include coverage for illness, genetic disorders, hospitalizations, surgeries, prescription medications, lab and diagnostic testing, and accidents. It’s important to note that preventative care and veterinary exam fees are not covered. Currently, Healthy Paws does not have an option to add a wellness component to the coverage.

A pre-existing condition includes:

  • Any illness symptoms that presented prior to the plan’s effective date
  • A recurring or new injury that occurred before the plan’s effective date
  • An ongoing condition or complication that occurred from a prior injury or condition before the plan’s effective date

What are the coverage options?

The coverage options are clear and straightforward. There is one plan with three different annual deductible and reimbursement levels to choose from. No need for confusing comparison charts here!

Once the plan’s 15-day waiting period is over and your pet has undergone a baseline health assessment, your pet is protected!

Here’s when the baseline health assessment needs to be conducted:

Age of petExamination time frame
0 to 5 yearsA vet exam conducted within the last 365 days qualifies. If none had been taken place, a new one must be scheduled within 15 days of the policy date.
6 years or olderA vet exam conducted within the last 30 days. If none had been taken place, a new one must be scheduled within 15 days of the policy date.

Does Healthy Paws have any restrictions?

As with most insurance plans, Healthy Paws pet insurance does come with a few restrictions that affect deductible and reimbursement eligibility. Here’s a summary of the age eligibility and restrictions:

  • Dogs and cats under 5 years old—reimbursement options of 70%, 80%, or 90%; deductible options of $500, $250, and $100
  • Dogs and cats that are 6 and 7 years old—reimbursement options of 60%, 70%, and 80%; deductible options of $$750, $500, and $250
  • Dogs and cats over the age of 8—only have a reimbursement option of 60% and a deductible option of $750
  • Dogs and cats over the age of 14 are ineligible for coverage

Some larger breeds of dogs are predisposed to hip dysplasia. If you’re considering purchasing a policy on a larger dog, keep in mind that Healthy Paws only covers hip dysplasia for dogs that are under the age of 6. In addition, a waiting period is in effect for the first year before the plan will pay for any services related to hip dysplasia.

How does Healthy Paws’s pricing compare to other pet insurance providers?

Healthy Paws is ranked as one of the most affordable protection plans with the highest value. If another company’s plan seems cheaper, it probably has annual limits listed in the fine print that Healthy Paws doesn’t have in theirs.
Premiums for dogs start at $32.83 a month and $17.19 a month for cats. Rates are based upon the dog or cat’s breed, age, and location, as well as the deductible and reimbursement selection.

Age of petCoverage OptionsDeductible Options
0-5 years70%, 80%, 90%$100, $250, $500
6-7 years60%, 70%, 80%$250, $500, $750
8-13 years60%$750
14+ yearsIneligibleNone

How do claims get paid out?

Getting reimbursed for your pet’s medical expenses is quick and easy!

Simply snap a photo of your vet bill and upload it to the online customer claims center or via the mobile app. Once submitted, you can keep track of the status of the claim without having to call into the customer service center. There is little waiting for reimbursement–Healthy Paws prides itself on processing claims within two days with a 99% success rate.
If paying a substantial bill upfront is not feasible for your budget, don’t stress about it. Healthy Paws has the option to pay vets directly. This keeps money in your pocket while getting your pet the treatment they need to get better.

While the claims process is quite simple, the option to have Healthy Paws pay your vet directly eliminates the reimbursement step, letting you focus on more important things. Not all veterinary clinics accept this type of payment plan, so speak with the office before treatment to avoid any pricey invoices.

What do real clients say about Healthy Paws?

According to Consumers Advocate, Healthy Paws has a 98% lifetime customer satisfaction rate.
Not only does Healthy Paws care about protecting animals, they care about protecting pet parents from complicated, costly situations. Because the customer service representatives know you have busy lives and furry friends to tend to, they promptly handle requests as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here are a few snippets of comments by satisfied Healthy Paws customers:

  • “Healthy Paws saved us thousands!”
  • “They make stressful situations easier.”
  • “They are quick to respond and always process my claims as quickly as possible.”
  • “Healthy Paws understands how our pets touch our lives.”
  • “Excellent pet insurance and customer care.”
  • “Signing up for Healthy Paws was the smartest thing I ever did for my puppy!”

A pet insurance company with heart

Healthy Paws is dedicated to giving back. In 2009, the Healthy Paws Foundation was created to help treat and care for sick homeless animals. To date, the foundation has donated over $830,000 to more than 235 non-profit animal rescue organizations. What an amazing way to pay it forward to the many homeless animals in the U.S.!

Every quote makes a difference! The Healthy Paws Foundation fulfills its mission by donating with each insurance quote.

Pet lovers who have Healthy Paws policies appreciate knowing that by giving their dogs and cats the best protection they deserve, they are also helping other animals in need get better from illnesses, accidents, and other painful conditions.

Healthy Paws can provide you freedom from fear and anxiety, so you can focus on quality time with your cat or dog. No more thinking about how you’d pay for vet care if your pet got hurt, sick, or needed long-term treatments.

Show your dog or cat the same unconditional love they show you. Protect their health with a Healthy Paws pet policy.

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