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Figo Pet Insurance Review

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review

Who is Figo Pet Insurance?

Figo Pet Insurance is leading pet insurance that offers you a wide variety of insurance plans and policies to suit your pet’s health needs. Figo Pet Insurance plans offer a variety of coverage options to pet owners. Figo’s insurance plans are for both, dogs and cats. Figo is a reliable option to save vet expenses while dealing with every issue your pet may face.

If you are looking for the trusted pet insurance plan for long-term vet care coverage for your pet, we have you covered here. This Figo Pet Insurance review includes everything you need to know.

How Figo Pet Insurance is Different

Figo is a popular insurance brokerage company working since 2012. The company works out of Google’s Tech Hub Network, leveraging technology to offer a range of services for people with pets. Figo Pet Insurance plans are undeniably a smart option for pet owners who want to make the most of their coverage policy, including 24/7 access to veterinarians through an app and updates.

Figo allows pet owners to choose the coverage plan that best fits their pet needs. While Figo’s Essential plan is inexpensive and offers limited coverage for pet health conditions, the Ultimate insurance plan offers pet owners unlimited services. This online insurance brokerage company also has a Preferred plan that provides middle-ground coverage.

The discount offers, pet medical services, and easy monthly and annual premiums are what make Figo an ideal pet insurance company. It has comprehensive coverage plans for everyone, from pet owners with clinically ill pets to people paying their annual insurance premiums in a lump sum amount

These are the key features of Figo insurance plans:

Annual Deductible

Annual deductibles refer to a fixed amount that a policyholder has to pay to qualify for the benefit of insurance claims.

Unlike other insurance companies, Figo Pet Insurance company does not require pet owners to pay for deductibles per each injury and illness. The companies call this phenomenon “Per Condition.”
With Figo, there is no such thing as long as pet owners have paid their annual deductibles. The company applies the covered claims to the pet owner’s annual deductible and resets them each year.

Veterinary Exam Fees

This is something that sets Figo Pet Insurance apart from other insurance firms. Not all insurance carriers offer coverage for your vet consultation or examination fees related to injuries and illness.
Figo provides pet owners with optional coverage for vet consultation fees.

Waiting Periods

Generally, waiting periods vary from insurance company to insurance company. Figo coverage plans may have waiting periods for illnesses and accidents. Waiting periods may begin after a pet owner enrolls in the policy or chooses the policy’s effective date.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions are clinical symptoms a pet shows before insurance coverage starts or during the waiting period.

Figo believes in providing the best insurance coverage for your pet’s well being. That is why there are no pre-existing conditions for pet owners when they apply for an insurance policy. Figo has premium prices on its coverage. This is one reason why many pet owners find Figo, the best brokerage company, for their pet insurance.

Reimbursement and Co-Pay Options

Despite a clear difference, the term often confuses many pet owners. Co-pay is a fee for insurance coverage that a pet owner needs to pay, and reimbursement is the amount an insurance company pays.
Figo Pet Insurance plans include plenty of reimbursement options that pet owners can select to maximize the benefits.

Efficient Pet Cloud App

You might not find this advanced feature in every pet insurance company. Because Figo is an online brokerage company, it includes several hi-tech features to establish a strong connection with its policyholders.

The Pet cloud app, for example, reminds pet owners about their upcoming appointments with their vet, gives you information about pet places in your vicinity, maintains access to live vet services, and helps you file claims.

What Does Figo Pet Insurance Cover?

If you have made up your mind about buying pet insurance, it’s good to know exactly what Figo does and doesn’t cover.

Check out the given list to find out what Figo’s insurance plan does and doesn’t cover if your pet is involved in an accident or experiences a new illness or injury.

What Figo coversWhat Figo doesn’t cover
Behavioral therapyPre-existing conditions
Specialty careGrooming
Vet consultation feeEating disorders
Physical therapyNeutering or spaying
SurgeryPreventive care
Cancer treatmentBreeding or giving birth
Chronic conditionsTraining classes
Prescription medicationExperimental Procedures
Hospitalization and emergencyCosmetic Surgery
Non-routine dental (accidents only)Cloning Procedures
Orthotic and Prosthetic devicesCoprophagia
Hip dysplasia
Congenital and heredity conditions
Knee Conditions

It’s important to note that every pet insurance provider does not accept a claim of an illness or accident prior to the policy start date.

Cost of Figo’s Insurance Plans

Although the coverage and cost depend on the individual insurance plan and situations, Figo’s plans begin from $20 for small pets.

Pet owners can add $6.36 monthly to include veterinary consultation coverage, which may help them cover the examination fee for office visits if their pet experiences some covered illnesses. Remember that it does not include preventative or routine visits.

Moreover, Figo offers multiple deductible options that begin from $100 and go up to $750. It also has a variety of reimbursement selections, including 60, 65, 70, 80, 90, and 100 percent reimbursement.
This is one of the defining features of Figo, as it is the only company that provides a 100 percent reimbursement option. However, reimbursement and deductible options are not the same in all US states.

Is There Any Waiting Period with Figo?

The initial waiting period at Figo depends on the effective date a pet owner selects in the insurance policy. Perhaps your 3-month-old puppy is currently in perfect health, but you’d like it to be insured on its first birthday. In that case, you select the pups birthday date as the start of the policy.

However, the general waiting period schedule is;

  • Five days for accidents
  • 14 days for illnesses
  • 4 to 6 months for knees and for Cruciate ligament events (if the vet conducts a knee examination for your pet within the first month of policy, he/she needs to mention it in the medical records that your pet’s knees have no medical issues and are healthy)
  • 14 days for hip dysplasia

How does Figo Pet Insurance Coverage Work

Figo Pet Insurance is based on a reimbursement model. If you are interested in purchasing a coverage plan, all you need to do is to:

  • Visit the Figo official website. Then choose and purchase the insurance plan that suits your furry companion’s health condition.
  • Seek the covered veterinary treatments when your pet falls sick or has an accident.
  • Submit your paid vet bills using a Figo’s pet cloud app.
  • Keep following your claim status to get paid via direct deposit from Figo

Figo Pet Insurance Reviews

Because of its easy -to-opt insurance process, Figo Pet Insurance plans are popular among policyholders. There are tons of review platforms where policyholders have shared their opinions regarding their positive experience with Figo.

According to one policyholder,
“Figo is all about your pet’s wellbeing. I took its health insurance a year ago, and that was the best decision I could take for my puppy.
My puppy developed a strange, mysterious disorder that had me visiting different specialists for different tests, including blood and ultrasounds. Figo had been a great help throughout the process. I made sure to follow its guidelines and submit my claims on time. I received prompt receive reimbursements.”
Highly recommend!

Another said,
“Figo has done a lot for my two-year-old doodle. I found the insurance company extremely responsive and helpful on claims.”

Another policyholder stated that
“Figo has never disappointed me when it comes to paying my insurance claims right away. I have a chronically sick dog, and that gets very stressful sometimes. But having Figo by my side is such a relief.”

Another said,
“I’m very grateful to Figo. The company approved my claims within a day after submission. I was able to save $1000 for the intestinal blockage treatment of my pet. I just love the Figo app and the way it easily does everything. The only downside it has is that you must have to pay the bills before it refunds you.”

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