Foresters Life Insurance Review 2021

Foresters is not your mainstream and typical insurance brand, unlike some of its competitors, this company, with operations in the US, UK, and Canada, not only provides life insurance but also gives its members investment opportunities and unique benefits.
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Author: Ben Peetermans
Last updated: June 17, 2021

Where Foresters Shines

Foresters can actually trace its origin to the early 14th-century, to a group called the Foresters society in England. They were a band of protectors composed of ex-soldiers and knights that banded together near the ancient royal forest and safeguarded travelers. They were partly employed by the monarchy for aid and support. For centuries, the Foresters were a disjointed cabal, mainly held together by their beliefs and the need to do good. Finally, in the 18th century, the society was formally founded. Membership was gained by combat. You had to prove your strength and worthiness through the use of a sword, a quarterstaff, and cudgels.

Over the years, the order branched out, but the general motive and passion for protecting the weak continued. They never disbanded, they just broke out into different factions due to some differences. Forester Financial, the economic backbone of this group’s life insurance operation, was birthed from one of these factions, The British Friendly Society, an organization devoted to caring for the sick and destitute.

Always on the Cutting-Edge

Foresters was one of the first companies, and quite possibly THE one that spearheaded the change that would ultimately result in today’s over-saturation of insurance firms. What did Foresters do? It was the first firm that extended insurance benefits and policies to the average blue-collar family. Not only that, it was the first to admit women as full members. Historically, one of the main reasons we are in awe of Foresters, aside from its great products, which we will get to in a minute, is because of their value system; a brand certainty they have maintained since their inception way back in the Renaissance. Foresters in one of the most active life insurance companies out there. They constantly help down trotted communities. As of 2014, the firm supports multiple causes in Canada, the UK, and the US, not only through direct investment but through partnerships.

Foresters has been there to support families and communities. The company has championed change and treats its policy-holders like individuals, not financial pieces to make a profit of. It is one of the strongest, financially speaking, companies in the market right now, with total assets of almost $12 billion. and funds under management surpassing the $28 Billion mark.

A company that’s always changing

Why is Foresters such a good company? Mainly because it has been at the forefront of actual paradigm-shifting change. Over the decades, whenever there is a tectonic shuffle, for the better, in the insurance industry, you can be sure Foresters is either to blame or has shepherded the innovation. When Foresters first deployed its enterprise in North America, it chose as its leader Dr. Oronhayatekha, a Mohawk who was one of Canada’s first native physicians to practice western medicine. Historical records of this man’s fight for equality, rights, and justice can be found through numerous museums. Forester could have chosen anyone, they could have placed an innocuous colonist at the forefront of their institution, yet instead, despite the frack they were going to get, they picked a Mohawk as figurehead and leader of their deployment in the Americas. Why? Because the man was passionate about his community, had standards, and had radical ideas that piqued Foresters’ interest. Ideas like championing the rights of women, children, and minorities.

What we like

Great Reputation

Foresters Life Insurance Company has a stellar reputation not only with firms that grade the insurance field but with third-party critics. The Better Business Bureau has given it A+ and A.M. Best had rated Forester as an A- (excellent).

Quality Products

Aside from all the historical baggage, which speaks volumes on the brand’s spirit, Forester’s products aren’t too shabby. Not at all. They are quality products that aim to not only provide life insurance to the average Joe but whose main goal is to inspire financial independence and a better quality of life for its policy-holders golden years.

Forester gifts its members, apart from their life insurance, numerous financial opportunities, and attractive benefits. It has a fantastic financial service that offers annuities, mutual funds, savings/retirement plans, and even competitive scholarships.

Great Fringe Benefits

Also, on, you’ll be able to find incredible fringe benefits that come attached to your policy. Tickets to sporting events, concerts, playgrounds, theme parks, and discounts of legal services.

Financial Services

Foresters also offers toll-free financial advice; diabetes management products; terminal illness loans, online learning services, and dozens of other grade-A experiences.

Some products don’t require medical exams

Forrester has a rather wide variety of products to choose from. Some even have a No medical exam option with a guarantee issue. Forester offers different types of simplified life insurance products. Some policies just ask simplified health questions to determine if you’re eligible and for how much they can insure you. They might request doctor records if you have them on hand. The important thing to note is that they don’t require exams, not lab tests, and don’t even ask you about your height or weight.

What we don’t like

Not the most affordable

To be honest, there aren’t that many negative points to consider worth mentioning when it comes to Foresters. It’s not one of the most affordable companies in the market right now, which is always a con’ if you’re shopping for something that adapts to a more frugal existence.

Foresters Products


Foresters Level Term Insurance: This is temporary term insurance that only covers you for a specific period in your life. This is the classic, every company has it, Term Life Insurance. You can get it for 10,15, 20, 25, and 30 year term periods.

Foresters Advantage Plus II: this is a permanent life insurance policy with guaranteed death benefits and premiums. The great thing about this policy is that it accumulates a cash value; you can get dividends from your investments. The advantages of an insurance plan of this type are that you can get bigger death benefits, you know the worst of your premiums for life, you have loan options and you can withdraw cash from your account.

Foresters Universal

Foresters SMART Universal Life: it is a universal life insurance policy that offers life-long coverage with flexible payments and long-term cash value growth.

Foresters PlanRight: this is whole life insurance that can help cover final expenses.

Foresters Prepared II: an accidental death insurance plan that can cover you until the age of 75.

Foresters ISP Variable Life Insurance: This is a permanent life insurance plan that includes accumulations of cash value, which are tax-deferred, fixed premiums, assured benefits, and access to funds for major life events or living expenses.

Policy benefits

Accepts most people

Term at Foresters offers up to $400,000 in coverage with flexible ad-on and clauses. The policies include different riders/add ons, you can attach for an extra fee to optimize your plan. Some riders are accelerated death, accidental death, family health benefits, insurance for kids. Foresters cover most diseases and ailments, nonetheless, they do give a lower rate and lower benefits when a candidate comes to them with one of them.

Coverage for Term starts at $100k

The minimum Term insurance coverage starts at $100k and can reach $400k. There’s an estimated approval period if you’re submitting exams, of 14-30 days. If you waive exams and are approved you can get coverage in minutes, but for small sums.

Advantage Plus II meanwhile starts with benefits that range from $25,000 to $400,000 depending on your health and age. It is one of the more expensive products in the company’s catalog.

Permanent life insurance offer cash values

All of Foresters’ permanent life insurance policies offer cash values/dividends. Policyholders will receive both death benefits as well as a cash value component. This component can grow to tax-deferred status. You’re allowed to withdraw from this fund for just about anything. Pay off debts, do some renovations, pay off college tuition, or go on a nice vacation.

Another great thing about Foresters’ term is that it offers living benefits.

Conversion options

Converting is easy

Generally speaking, term policies, like Foresters Level Term Insurance, are convertible. That means that you can change your policy from a term to permanent life plan incredibly simple and without any overdue hassle. This enables you to have a bit more independence when it comes to how to strategize your benefits. Nonetheless, you should be aware that premiums go up when you change policy plans.


Forester offers not only term life and universal life insurance but offshoots of them with optional riders you can add to your coverage; including accidental death, accidental disability income, children’s term insurance, and many more.


Only one complain in a 1 million customers

Foresters ensures over a million people in the US, UK, and Canada. It’s one of the oldest companies in the market right now. In the past three years, Foresters has only had one customer complaint filed at the Better Business Bureau, It managed to close it to the customer’s satisfaction. That ONE complaint, among more than a million subscribers.

Foresters also has a superior rating with some of the industry’s most trusted auditors and critics.

  • A.MN. Best: A– Excellent
  • Better Business Bureau: A+

In essence, this means that Foresters has a reputation for not only providing an exemplary service but paying out policy claims on time and without problems. It is a strong and stable company with a wide range of products.

Customer reviews

Customer ratings

The fact that Foresters is more health forgiving than others helps the company in yielding stellar reviews. After all, no one is happy getting declined.

This in turn has helped Foresters achieve an almost excellent score from verified True Blue Life Insurance customers.

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