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AIG American General Life Insurance Company

AIG American General Life Insurance Company is one of the best life insurance companies internationally and one of the most financially stable companies True Blue is proud to offer. Offering a customizable term policy and guaranteed issue whole-life policy, AIG American General continues to rank very high among the most affordable term life insurance providers and offers one of the highest policy face values with a medical exam in the industry.
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AIG American General Life Insurance Company

Written by Brian Greenberg
CEO / Founder & Licensed Insurance Agent

Last updated: August 9th, 2022

Reviewed by Grant Desselle
Licensed Insurance Agent

While other companies will automatically reject people with various pre-existing conditions because they are more risk averse, AIG American General has some of the best underwriting for more of the higher-risk customers that other companies don’t want to insure. If you have a pre-existing condition, you can still be insured with affordable life insurance — even with a rejected application in your past.

AIG American General Term Monthly Rate Example:

(40-year-old male, non-smoker, in California)
Coverage Amount10-Year Term20-Year Term30-Year Term


  • Great living benefits
  • Fully convertible
  • Customizable term product


  • Longer-than-normal underwriting approval time

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PlansDescriptionWho Is It Right For?Product BrochureRun a Quote

AIG American General Select-A-Term

As one of the most competitive term policies on the market, AIG American Select-A-Term provides quality term coverage at an affordable rate.
  • People ages 18-70
  • Individuals seeking custom term protection
  • Customers in good overall health
  • Those who are best suited for a fully underwritten policy
American National Signature TermLearn more about AIG American General Life Insurance

AIG American General Return of Premium Select-A-Term

Offering a return of premium, this policy provides the ability to have your paid-in premiums refunded if you outlive the policy term.
  • Same as the Select-A-Term policy
  • Customers who are looking for a forced-savings plan
  • Individuals who want to have their premiums returned to them after the life of the policy
AIG American General ROP Select-A-TermLearn more about AIG American General Return of Premium Select-A-Term

AIG American General Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

A final expense policy that guarantees coverage regardless of your medical issues or health condition
  • Customers ages 50-85
  • People who need affordable guaranteed coverage
  • Those who are seeking final expense coverage of up to $25,000

AIG American General Guaranteed IssueLearn More About AIG American General Guaranteed Issue

AIG American General Select-A-Term and Return Of Premium

AIG American General Life Insurance

When you’re looking for a company that is more open to applicants with riskier occupations and less-than-ideal medical histories, AIG American General typically comes out ahead of some of the other fully underwritten life insurance companies. Combine this with the ability to customize your term life insurance policy and AIG’s financial strength, and it’s easy to see why people continually choose AIG American General as their company.

The Select-A-Term product offered by AIG American General is a unique policy, as it allows you to choose the length of coverage that best suits you out of 17 different options. Other insurance companies typically offer only four choices. That extra flexibility, along with AIG American General’s excellent riders and competitive rates, make this life insurance carrier a popular choice among our customers.

AIG Amerincan General Life InsuranceSagicor Life InsuranceState Farm Life Insurance
Policy Minimum$100,000$50,000$50,000
Policy Maximum (No Medical Exam)N/A$500,000N/A
Medical Exam RequiredYesNoYes
Issue Age18 – 80 years of age18 – 65 years of age18 – 75 years of age
Pricing Example
(Male, Age 40, Non-Smoker, $250,000 in coverage)
$19.38 per month$41.66 per month$40.68 per month

AIG American General Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

final_expenseIf you are looking for guaranteed coverage from a reputable life insurance company, then AIG American General’s Guaranteed Issue Whole Life policy is a great option for you to consider. Providing final expense coverage of up to $25,000, this policy contains a graded benefit structure that returns premiums paid plus 10 percent, in the event that a death from natural causes occurs inside the first two years of the policy (accidents are covered at 100 percent of the death benefit). If you are diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness after the two-year graded benefit period, included riders in the policy allow for you to access portions of the death benefits early, to help offset additional costs that arise as a result of your condition.

AIG American General Life InsuranceColumbian Life Insurance CompanyColonial Penn Life Insurance
Policy Minimum$5,000$2,500$1,214
Policy Maximum (No Medical Exam)$25,000$25,000$9,712
Medical Exam RequiredNoNoNo
Issue Age50 – 85 years of age25 – 80 years of age50 – 80 years of age
Pricing Example
(Male, Age 60, Non-Smoker, $10,000 in coverage)
$51.92 per month$63.16 per month$79.60 per month

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