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Attorney Brian Sloan is a Criminal Defense Lawyer SOLELY Focused on DUI Defense Representation. Mr. Sloan has been defending DUI cases since 2004, and has defended more than 3,700 DUI cases, with incredible results. Mr. Sloan has taught DUI Defense at statewide seminars throughout the years, has created guides used by lawyers across the state, and has an impressive resume of awards and accomplishments.Mr. Sloan subsequently went on to college, then law school at Pepperdine School of Law in Malibu, Calif., where he graduated a semester early with a Juris Doctor Degree and Certificate in Dispute Resolution. Although no longer a comic book collector, Mr. Sloan now collects autographs, as well as artwork, and has amassed quite a collection of comic book paintings and other collectables.
Knows About:
criminal defense
Alumni Of:
Pepperdine School of Law
State Bar of Arizona

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